inPhoto Olympus TWAIN Driver for Windows 98, Me, 2000, XP

inPhoto TWAIN driver is a powerful and easy to use software for full Olympus camera control from PC. The software provides an ability to preview live images before capture, adjust camera settings, shoot and manage images on the camera memory card, transfer them to the TWAIN compatible applications. inPhoto TWAIN driver has the following distinctive features: Intuitive, straightforward, and very user friendly interface. The inPhoto software follows the sequence of Olympus camera operation: Live Image Preview - Camera Settings Control - Image Shooting - Camera Memory Card. So if you know how to use your camera you will need no time to grasp how to use the inPhoto driver; TWAIN interface. With inPhoto software the supported Olympus cameras are directly controlled from any TWAIN compatible applications, and the images are captured directly to these applications; Live image preview (160x120 preview image size at 3-5 frames per second) with an ability to flip and rotate it; Work with the camera memory card. The inPhoto software provides an ability to view, sort, and delete images from the camera memory card. It is also possible to view image data (list, and table modes). The images are easily transferred from the camera memory card to the TWAIN compatible application. The images can be transferred black and white if necessary; Very easy time lapse image capture both to the camera memory card and to the TWAIN compatible application; Ability to save camera settings to t