Archive Creator for Windows

An innovative archiving solution for the Windows that deals directly with the issues of archiving digital photographic images onto removable media. Archive Creator will automatically span an Archive Set across multiple CDs thereby maximizing the storage potential while minimizing the time required to organize the files in an efficient manner. The release version 1.1 builds on the success of the pre-release version and includes: Additional Index options, support for RAW file formats (now including most RAW files from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Minolta, Fuji, and others, support for JPEG2000 files, Added CD Burner compatibility, faster Index processing. During the archive process, Archive Creator automatically makes an HTML "Web Style" Index of the all of the source files within the Archive Set. Even from most popular RAW file formats including Canon, Nikon, and others. This Index of the entire Archive Set is written onto each CD (or optionally just 1 or a separate CD). This is extremely powerful as you can then view the thumbnails and viewing images from the entire Archive Set from any 1 of the CDs. The index is written in pure HTML for Internet Explorer (or compatible browser). The Archive CDs are compatible with both Windows and Mac systems and most Internet Browser versions. Version 1.1 supports the burning of CD-R media, with DVD support planned very soon in a free upcoming upgrade. The new V1.1 software is available by download and will run in a free demo m