Toshiba PDR-T30 Review

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Toshiba PDR-T30

Features & Controls

Toshiba PDR-T30

The PDR-T20 is equipped with an all-glass auto focus lens, 2x optical zoom with a focal length of 5.8 - 11.6mm lens, F2.8/F4 (38 - 76mm in 35mm equivalent) 5 elements in 4 groups. The focusing range in normal mode is about 50cm to infinity and in Macro mode from about 10 cm - infinity in wide angle or about 27cm - infinity in telephoto. The 2x optical zoom can be magnified digitally to 4x total. Both are accessed by pressing the Tele/Wide to the right of the LCD monitor.

There is no lens cap, the lens is recessed back into the body at power down and protected by a manually sliding cover.

Toshiba PDR-T30

The built-in flash automatically powers up when the front cover is slid open - needed or not. It has a recycle time of about 5 seconds (on full battery charge) and a working range from about 1.5ft - 10ft (in wide angle - ISO 200). User selectable modes are auto flash, auto red- eye reduction, forced flash and no flash.

Toshiba PDR-T30

There is no optical viewfinder, the 1.5-inch color LCD is used for framing, reviewing images and setting menu options. Touch screen controls in the black area to the left of the image are;

  • Display Key(top left):
    In Record mode: allow access to the Scene, Flash and Self Timer modes.
    In Playback mode: access to Image magnification(zoomed play), Thumbnail display and left right arrows for changing images displayed.
  • Menu Key(center left):
    In Record mode: Access to Preview Settings, White Balance, Color modes, Quality/image size settings, ISO, LCD brightness and Setup
    In Playback mode: Access to Slide show, Paint, Information, Protect, PDOF, LCD brightness, and Setup.
  • Erase Key(bottom left):
    Record or Playback modes:
    Allows access to Delete captured image(s) or initialize the SD card.

The control on the top right is the 4 way Navigation control/Enter control. It operates the zoom, digital zoom, navigates menu selections or images, or when the center is pressed it sets the current selection.

The Mode button (bottom right) toggles the operation between Play and Record as does the sliding lens cover.

Toshiba PDR-T10 Toshiba PDR-T10

The PDR-T30, PDR-T20 and PDR-T10 have no optical viewfinder so viewing the highly reflective LCD in the bright sunshine is a considerable issue. With the PDR-T10 we found the above procedure very effective; cupping the left hand around the LCD and firing the picture with the right.The same works for the PDR-T30.

Toshiba PDR-T30

On top are two of the four regular "buttons" on the camera;
the Power on / off button and the shutter release.

Toshiba PDR-T30

On the bottom is the port for the included AC power supply /
battery charger (CEX0107A: 5V 3A output, 100-240V input).

Toshiba PDR-T30

On the side is the USB 1.1 port for downloading to the computer. It has a sliding dust protection door that is shown open. There is no video out for displaying slide shows on TV sets.

To the right of the Digital IO port is the door to access the battery and SD memory card slot.

Toshiba PDR-T30

Images are stored on tiny SD (Secure Digital) flash memory cards (about the size of a US postage stamp). The physically identical MMC (MultiMedia) type cards cannot be used.   Toshiba supplies an 16MB SD card with the camera.

Toshiba PDR-T30

The camera is powered by a Toshiba proprietary Lithium Ion battery pack #PDR-BT3, 3.7V, 1035mAh (included), or the charger (# CEX-0107A - included) which doubles as an A/C power supply. A depleted battery can be recharged in-camera in about 4 hours.

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