Toshiba PDR-4300 Review

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Toshiba PDR-4300

Record Screens & Menus

When shooting the Auto Record mode you can quickly select one of the Program AE Scene modes if the color LCD is enabled. In the upper left is the SCENE icon, you press the center of the 4-way jog switch and it displays the Scene mode options. See the next frame for an animated look at the menus.

Toshiba PDR-4300

Move up or down to select Auto, Portrait, Landscape, Sports, Night Scene or 16-shot mode. You can also select a focus mode from Macro, 1m, 3m or infinity.

Toshiba PDR-4300

In Manual Record mode you have access to the full range of exposure control and capture modes. There's an onscreen histogram as well as display of the shutter speed, aperture and exposure compensation.

Toshiba PDR-4300

Here's an animated look at the Manual Record options:

    EXP - Program AE, Aperture or Shutter speed priority, full Manual

    WB - White balance (Auto, Sunny, Cloudy, Fluorescent 1 or 2, Incandescent

    AE - Metering mode, Matrix or Spot

    S/C - Single, Continuous or AE Bracketing

    FOCUS - Auto Focus, Macro, 1m, 3m, infinity

Un-documented manual white balance option
  1. Turn the Mode Dial to MANUAL MODE (Red camera icon with an "M")

  2. Use the Arrow Down on the ENTER Button to select W/B (White Balance)

  3. Press the center on the ENTER Button to select and adjust W/B (White Balance)

  4. Use the Arrow Right (once), then Press and Hold the Arrow Down. Note: Continue to Press and Hold the Arrow Down. There will be a pause as you reach the bottom of the common preset conditions. Then a new "hidden" option will appear.

  5. Once PRE SET appears, Press the center of the ENTER Button to select it.

  6. A Special screen will appear. Point the camera direct at something WHITE, like a piece of paper, a white wall or a white shirt. Regardless of the lighting conditions, the camera will accept this "white object" as the new starting point "base of reference" or "True White".

  7. Press the Shutter Button to program the new "True White" setting.

  8. Press the center of the ENTER Button to accept and continue photography. Note: These new settings will be saved as PRE SET True White conditions in Manual Photography Mode until you change the settings with another selection. This will not "go away" when the camera is turned off. These settings do not impact Auto Photography Mode.

Toshiba PDR-4300

Pressing the MENU button in Auto or Manual Record brings up this screen of options:

    PREVIEW - Display picture just captured on LCD for 2 seconds

    COLOR - Color mode: Standard, Vivid, Monochrome or Sepia

    ISO - Normal (100), 2X (200), or 4X (400)

    SHARPNESS - Normal, Soft or Hard

    CONTRAST - Normal, Strong or Soft

    DIGITAL ZOOM - On or Off

    LCD* - Adjust brightness of LCD display

    QUALITY - Set default image size and quality for both still and movies

Toshiba PDR-4300

The PDR-4300 is capable of capturing motion video without audio at 15 frames per second. The image size is selectable between Full (320 x 240) and Half (160 x 120) and in either resolution you can select one, two or three "stars" quality.

Maximum video clip lengths for 320x240 are: 30, 45 and 60 seconds
Maximum video clip lengths for 160x120 are: 90, 120 and 180 seconds

Toshiba PDR-4300

Turning the Mode Dial to the Setup position gives you access to:

    AUTO POWER OFF - Settable for 1, 2 or 3 minutes

    SOUND - Turn beep sounds On or Off

    TIME&DATE - Set the internal clock

    OSD LANGUAGE - Set the menu language

    VIDEO OUT - Video out format: NTSC or PAL

    QUALITY - Set the image size/quality

    FRAME NUMBER - Enable or reset image file numbering

    SYSTEM INFO - Submenu with Firmware version number, Card Info, Reset all camera parameters to default.

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