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When shooting the in the Record mode you can quickly change the flash function from Auto to red-eye Auto, fill-in flash, or flash off(as is displayed in the top left). The top right of the display denotes the quality is set to Superfine and 27 photos can be recorded in the flash card's remaining free space. The flower display mid-screen left shows we have selected the macro focus mode, pressing the scene control toggles it to a mountain icon signifying landscape mode or back to auto. Both Macro and landscape turn the flash off. The lower left icon is the battery charge indicator showing 2/3 battery life remaining.

Toshiba PDR-3310

Pressing the MENU button in Record brings up this screen of options:

    Self Timer - 10 or 2 second delay

    Quality/Movie - Movie(320x240), SuperFine(2048x1536), Fine(2048x1536-Higher compression), Normal(1024x768)

    Exposure Compensation - "+" or "-" 2 stops in 1/3 stop increments

    White Balance - Auto, Sun, Incandescent, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Preset

    Set Details - See screen below

Toshiba PDR-3310

Pressing the center navigation button when the SET DETAILS is displayed:

    Color - Recording Color mode: Color, Black & White or Sepia

    White Balance Preset - Set or Cancel

    AE Mode - Program, aperture priority: F2.8, or F9.6

    Focusing - Auto Focus or Manual Focus

    Long Exposure - Off, 2 Sec., 4 Sec., 8 Sec.

    Sensitivity - Standard (100), X2 (200), or X4 (400)

    Metering - Evaluation(CCD multi-area), Center(weighted), Spot Area

    Rec Review - ON / OFF

    Digital Zoom - ON / OFF

Toshiba PDR-3310

Manual Focus is settable before shooting by adjusting between .6m and infinity. The scale is not defined in between.

Toshiba PDR-3310

Aperture Priority mode is selectable in the SET DETAILS menu and the sub heading of AE Mode where a choice is given of F2.8(as in this screen above) or F9.6 and the meter sets the correct shutter speed.

Toshiba PDR-3310

The PDR-3310 is capable of capturing motion video without audio at 15 fps and a max. of 15 seconds at an image size of 320 x 240.

Toshiba PDR-3310

Turning the Mode Dial to the Setup position gives you access to:

    Date - Set the internal clock's time / date / format

    Format - Format Media card: Execute / Cancel

    Beep - Turn beep sounds On or Off

    Power Save - Settable for: No Power off, 1, 2 or 3 minutes

    Mode Lock - ON / OFF

    Setup page 2 continued in screen below

Toshiba PDR-3310

Continuing to Page 2 in Setup position gives you access to:

    Language - Set the menu language

    Video Out - Video out format: NTSC or PAL

    File No. - Reset number: Execute / Cancel

    Mode Reset - Reset Camera to default settings: Execute / Cancel

    Color Select - Menu background color: Purple / Red / Yellow / Blue

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