Physical Views & Controls

The new Tamron 90mm f/2.8 Di Macro 1:1 VC USD lens offers several new improvements as well as a new look. An upgraded USD (Ultrasonic Silent Drive) AF motor and improved VC (Vibration Compensation) make this an even easier lens to use. Moisture and dust resistance allow you to feel comfortable shooting in all weather situations.

Available for Canon, Nikon, and Sony mount systems; this lens has been designed with the highest quality optics for some of the best cameras on the market.


Large, redesigned switches and a new typeface make the lens easier to use while on the go. Easier to read, you can find your specific settings faster and in tougher shooting situations. The large focus ring is comfortable and easy to grasp at any time. With the manual over-ride function, it makes it easy to make small adjustments with your macro photography.

The new, larger switches are another really stand out and again, go a long way in increasing your shooting efficiency. Flipping easily, but still firm enough not to change when accidentally bumped, they are just another small improvement that adds to the overall upgrade of the lens.

Here is the Tamron 90mm Macro lens attached to the new Canon EOS 80D. This is the camera that we used to test the lens.

Above is the a lens size comparison between the Tamron 90mm Macro lens and the Canon 18-135mm EFS lens.


As it is a bit of a long lens, adding the included lens hood adds approx. 2 more inches to the length.

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