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Sony MVC-FD87

Features & Controls

The FD87 features a fast F2.8 6.1-18.3mm (39-117mm 35mm equiv) 3x optical zoom lens. It is further enhanced by a 2x digital zoom. Filters and add-on lenses can easily be attached via the 37mm threads.

Autofocus range in normal mode is from 9.8 inches to infinity and it can focus down as close to 1.2 inches in macro mode.

Sony MVC-FD87

To save power when using the camera outdoors in the bright sunlight you can switch off the color LCD's backlight. The ambient light comes in through the photocell on the top (shown here lit up by the backlight) and provides illumination for the LCD display.

Sony MVC-FD87

Controls on the back: The LCD BACKLIGHT turns the color LCD's backlight on and off. The camera's operational modes are controlled by the Play / Still / Movie selector switch. The POWER switch obviously turns the camera on and off. The lightning bolt button changes the flash mode (Auto, On, Off, Redeye). The FOCUS button cycles between autofocus, macro and manual preset distances. The PROGRAM button cycles through the auto exposure modes (automatic, night, night+, landscape, portrait and spot metering). The DISPLAY button controls the amount of overlay information shown on the LCD. The 4-way selector switch calls up the Menu and allows you to navigate it and make selections.

Sony MVC-FD87

The FD87 has a full size 3-1/2" floppy disk drive built into it and uses conventional 1.44MB floppy disks for storage.

Sony MVC-FD87

Like last year's FD95 model you can use higher capacity (4-64MB) Memory Sticks with an optional MSAC-FD2M floppy adapter.

Sony MVC-FD87

The FD87 is powered by the Sony InfoLITHIUM rechargeable 7.2v "battery with a brain" -- it tells you on the LCD exactly how many minutes of runtime is left. Supplied with the NP-F330 pack, it can also use the higher capacity NP-F550 battery as well.

The battery is charged in the camera and comes with a combination battery charger and AC power adapter that plugs into the side of the camera.


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