Playback Screens & Menus

(Note: Please excuse the quality of these screen captures, Sony does not provide an Audio/Video cable with the A330, so we had to photograph the LCD.)


Pressing the Play button brings up the last image stored full screen on the LCD. The image size and quality is in the upper right corner, down in the lower left are the shutter speed, aperture and date&time of the exposure. Upper left is the folder/file number, and at the lower right is the ISO speed and frame number of the total number of images stored on the memory card.

Pressing the DISPlay button (Up on the 4-way) allows you so see all of the exposure details. The current image is displayed with a exposure and RGB histograms, exposure mode used, image size/quality, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, metering mode, focal length, creative mode used, white balance, and the d-range setting. Press DISPlay again to clear all info from the screen; perfect for sharing.

Play FN Menu

  • Delete: - Delete images from the memory card
  • Slide show: - Start an automated slide show of images stored
  • Image Index: - Display the Index view option to quickly search through photos
  • Protect: - Protect files from deletion
  • Specify Printing: - Choose the DPOF options
  • Rotate: - Rotate an image for propery display orientation

Sony DSLR-A330Sony DSLR-A330

There are three Index display options available: 4, 9, or 25 images per page. These thumbnail/preview modes allow you to quickly search and examine your stored photos. To search through them, you simply use the left/right/up/down buttons of the 4-way controller.


Press the AV button to go into Zoom-Playback mode, and enlarge an image up to 12x for critical inspection. You then scroll around the enlarged image using the 4-way controller buttons, and change the degree of magnification using the main control dial. A locator is displayed at the top right corner, indicating the portion of the image that is being enlarged.


The Play Menu has options to Delete images, Format the memory card, start a Slide show, Protect/Unprotect images, select images for DPOF printing, and Playback display options (Manual or Auto rotate).

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