Bundled Software

Sony includes a software suite with the A330 that includes PMB, Image Data Converter SR, and Image Data Lightbox SR. The included CD-ROM includes full copies of each program; no 30/60 day trials here.

Picture Motion Browser


The first program we listed, called PMB (short for Picture Motion Browser), is a simple to use software that is designed to help you organize, browse, view, tag, and backup your precious still image and video files. You also have access to various Retouch and printing options for JPEG file. Note: PMB is not compatible with Macintosh computers.


Here you can see the Data Disc Creation tool, used for making backups or copys of your files.


You can also use PMB to analyze the content of your photos/videos, which will help you search for specific photo types, find certain faces, expanded video file thumbnails, etc.


Image Data Lightbox SR


Image Data Lightbox SR is another image browser supplied with the A330, that offers a specific advantage over PMB; the ability to view JPEG, RAW, and cRAW file types simultaneously. It also works in conjunction with Image Data Converter SR (shown below) to help you quickly view, then edit RAW/cRAW files when necessary. Images are viewed in a "Light Box", that allows you to view 1, 2, 3 or 4 images together, side-by-side, along with a filter/nav bar that can be displayed on the left or bottom of the screen.


You can also select the Thumbnail/Index view by clicking on the Button in the upper right.

Image Data Converter SR


Image Data Converter SR is a robust, advanced image editor that allows you to modify RAW (and cRAW) still image files from your A330 or other Alpha dSLRs. Here you have access to a wealth of exposure and editing options, such as White Balance, Exposure Value, Sharpness, Contrast, Sensitivity, Hue, Saturation, Dynamic Range, Tonal Curves, Creative Styles, etc. This software is perfect for those who choose to shoot in RAW mode so they can add their own creative style or look to their photos.


Here you can see the edit preview, which allows you to witness the changes being made to your photo, while at the same time comparing them to the original.

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