Record Screens & Menus


iAuto or Intelligent Auto handles all of the camera's settings for you, allowing you to point, zoom and shoot; without worrying about difficult settings. You do have the option to enable the tracking focus feature, so that your subject is always in focus. 

Program mode is still an automatic shooting mode, but it gives you control over a few more options. This provides the user with a little more creative freedom without having an extensive knowledge of photography.

Pressing the button on the bottom right of the camera in shooting mode will enable the in-camera guide. Here you can research and learn about all of the camera's features and modes so you can get the most from the camera.

Program FUNC. Menu:
  • Shooting Mode - iAuto, Program, Picture Effect, SCN
  • Easy - Enters the camera into Easy Mode
  • Image Size - 16M, 10M, 5M, VGA, 12M (16:9), 2M (16:9)
  • Burst Setting - Single or Burst 
  • Exposure Value - -2.0 to +2.0
  • ISO - Auto, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200
  • White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent 1, Fluorescent2, Fluorescent 3, Incandescent, Flash, Custom
  • Focus - Multi AF, Center AF, Spot AF
  • Metering Mode - Multi, Center, Spot 
  • Smile Detection Sensitivity - Big Smile, Normal Smile, Slight Smile
  • Face Detection - Off, Auto, Child Priority, Adult, Priority
  • DRO - Off, Standard, Plus
  • In-Camera Guide - Enter the camera guide
  • Menu - Enter the change shooting settings, Main Settings, Memory Card Tool, Clock Settings

The 4-way controller on the back of the camera gives you shortcuts to a few of the more commonly used shooting settings. Pressing up allows you to change the DISPlay mode, right is the flash settings, down is the self-timer and left is the smile shot control.

For huge indoor and outdoor shots the camera features Sony's Sweep Panorama technology. With options for standard, wide and full 360 images, you will be able to capture the perfect landscape or extra-wide view. To use the camera in this mode, you just press the shutter and slowly pan the camera in the correct direction.

Movie mode allows you to capture 720p HD videos with sound. At 30fps, you will see smooth, HD or Standard Def. movies with mono sound captured from the internal mic. While the quality of the movies will not be as high as with a video camera, the video option is great for impromptu movies.

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