Features & Controls


Sporting a Carl Zeiss 5x optical zoom lens, with a 35mm equivalent of 25-125mm, this ultra-compact camera is very versatile. Sony has also included optical Steady Shot to eliminate camera shake and vibration, especially on the telephoto end. The lens collapses into the body of the camera when powered down for protection, allowing you to carry it easily. 

Focus Range: 
  • iAuto:AF(W:Approx..5cm(0.16') to Infinity T:Approx.100cm(3.28') to Infinity)
  • Program Auto:AF(W:Approx..5cm(0.16') to Infinity, T:Approx.100cm(3.28') to Infinity)

The very compact built-in flash unit has a range of approx. 1-12ft. at ISO Auto, giving you the option for shooting in small rooms as long as you stay close. It is also helpful for fill light in your outdoor images. It operates in the standard On, Off, Auto and Slow Synch modes. 

The sleek body features very few controls that are not on the back of the camera. Here you see the top showing just the power and shutter release buttons. 

Framing and viewing your images is accomplished with the 3.0-inch 230,000 dot Clear Photo LCD screen.  With 5 levels of brightness, the screen can be adjusted to be seen easily in almost any lighting conditions. 


Back Controls: At the very top you can see the zoom control rocker switch. In playback mode, this switch activates the Index and Magnify options. Next we have the Mode switch, which allows you to quickly change between Camera/Still, Sweep Panorama, and Movie modes. To the left of the Mode switch we see the Play button, which is used to enter the playback mode. This button will also power on the camera when pressed and held for a short period of time. The 4-way controller encircles the "set" button, and is used to navigate the menus and stored files. . The 4-way also gives quick access to features such as the flash mode, the self-timer, Smile shutter mode as well as changing what is displayed on the 3.0-inch LCD screen. Lastly, along the bottom you can see the Menu and Guide/Delete buttons. 

The images you capture are stored on a SD/SDHC/SDXC or Memory Stick Pro Duo memory cards. The one slot in the camera will accept either. The camera is shown here with the PNY Pro 8GB SDHC card that the camera is being tested with.

Powering the W650 is a small 3.6V, 630mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. Since this battery is very small and is charged in the external charger, we recommend that you pick another one so you always have a spare power source.

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