Sony DSC-W1 Review

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W1

Features & Controls

Sony DSC-W1

The DSC-W1 is equipped with a F2.8 7.9-23.7mm Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar
3x optical zoom with 38 to 114mm coverage (as compared to a 35mm
camera.) The lens retracts into the body when powered down and
is protected by a built in lens barrier.

Optional wide angle
VCL-DH0730, telephoto VCL-DH1730 and super telephoto VCL-DH2630 lenses
as well as 37mm filters can be attached using the VAD-WA conversion lens adapter.

The DSC-W1 employs a 5-point Multi-point auto focus system, with automatic or user
selectable AF point. The center AF target area can be wide or narrow. The working
range is from 19.7 inches to infinity in normal mode and in Macro the coverage is from
3.9 inches to infinity. You can also manually select one of five focus distance
presets from 0.1m to infinity.

The DSC-W1 features an AF Assist beam designed to achieve accurate
focus on subjects with little contrast in dark conditions. It also
makes the LCD screen image brighten to aid in framing.

Sony DSC-W1

The eyelevel optical real-image zoom viewfinder has a field of view of approx. 80-85%
(80% in wide and about 85% at tele) of the
captured image. Strangely there is no diopter adjustment even though this is a high-end
consumer camera. The LEDs indicate card activity/Self-Timer, Autofocus/Auto Exposure Lock
and Flash status.

Sony DSC-W1

The built-in flash has modes for Auto flash, Red-Eye Reduction, Slow
Synchro and Flash Cancel. It uses a pre-flash for precise metering of
the exposure. It also has auto daylight synchro fill flash for
backlit or shadowed subjects as well as dynamic flash white balance
for greater color accuracy. The working range for the flash is 1.6 to
12.5 feet (0.5 to 3.8m).

Sony has a HVL-FSL1B external slave flash with bracket that can be used
with the DSC-W1 camera. There is no flash hot shoe or external flash

Sony DSC-W1

On top is the Power button and the combination Shutter release and
Mode Dial with positions for SETUP, Movie, Playback, AUTO, Program,
Manual, Twilight, Twilight Portrait,
Landscape, Soft Snap, Candle, or Beach.

Sony DSC-W1

On the back is a large 2.5-inch color TFT LCD monitor with
123,000 pixels of resolution. It can be used as a live viewfinder,
for image review or accessing the menu system. Controls on the back:
Top right is the zoom lens controls, in playback the Tele button
magnifies the image and the Wide button displays the thumbnail index.
The Monitor button turns the color LCD on and off and controls the
amount of information (and histogram) that is displayed. The MENU
button calls up or dismisses the onscreen menus. The 4-way selector
lets you navigate through the menus or select images during playback.
Pressing it in the center accepts selections. In record it lets you
select the flash mode, macro focus mode, self-timer and Quick Review
mode. The button on the bottom left lets you quickly change the
image size in record mode and acts as the image delete button in

Sony DSC-W1Sony DSC-W1

The I/O ports are on the sides and include a USB 2.0 compatible port for
transferring images to the computer.

The Audio-Video Out port lets you display images and movies on a TV.
The video signal can be set for NTSC or PAL standard. Audio is monomial.

And a jack for DC IN power.

Sony DSC-W1

Located on the side with the I/O ports is the Memory Stick card slot. The DSC-W1 comes
with an 32MB Memory Stick and can use any capacity Memory Stick, Memory Stick Select or
Memory Stick Pro card. The use of a Memory Stick Pro card is required
for recording 640×480 VX Fine mode movie clips.

Sony DSC-W1

Sony DSC-W1

Power is supplied by a pair of AA type batteries, alkaline or NiMH
rechargeable cells. Sony includes a pair of 2100mAH NiMH rechargeable
batteries and the BC-CS2 AC charger for two AA or AAA cells.

Sony quotes a battery life to capture up to approx. 340 images and a playback time
of approx. 170 minutes with the included
NiMH batteries
. Alkaline type can be used but we recommend using the highest
capacity NiMH batteries you can get, they last longer and they'll save you money.

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