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CyberShot DSC-U60

Features & Controls

The Sony DSC-U60 is equipped with a 5.0mm (33mm in 35mm format) f/2.8 fixed focal length lens with no digital zoom. The auto focus system works from 3.9 inches to infinity in normal mode and when in preset (manual) focus mode it is settable from 7.9"(0.2m) to infinity in four steps.

The built in flash has settings for Auto, Auto Red-eye reduction, Forced on and forced off. The effective range is 1.6 to 6.0 feet (0.5m to 1.8m).

Sony DSC-U60

Although the U60 isn't classed as an underwater camera it can be used underwater up to a depth of five feet. The U60 makes an excellent all-weather camera and can be used in sandy, dusty or excessively humid environments. Perfect for snow boarding to jet skiing or anything inbetween!

Sony DSC-U60

The controls on the back: The POWER button turns the camera on/off. The MENU button calls up the onscreen menu in record or playback. You navigate menus with the two buttons with the up / down arrow icons and accept selections with the EXEC button. When not in menu mode the UP button toggles through the Flash modes. The SCENE button lets you select the desired Scene mode. The large blue dial selects the desired operating mode; Play, Record, Movie.

Available Scene Modes: Underwater scene mode helps to counteract the blue hue of the water. Soft Snap scene mode increases the warmer color range, increases brightness and softens focus for more esthetically pleasing portraits. Illumination Snap mode (Backlit/Night mode) fires the flash in red-eye reduction mode and leaves the shutter open long enough to capture background detail while the cross screen filter effect puts a "cross" on each pinpoint light source (tripod recommended.) Twilight is for night scenes. Active Outdoor is for sports photos. The Vivid Nature mode accentuates the blues and greens of the scenic landscape type photograph.

Sony DSC-U60

Located on the bottom along with the batteries is the Memory Stick card slot. The DSC-U60 comes with an 8MB Memory Stick and can use any capacity Memory Stick or the newer Memory Stick Pro cards. The Memory Stick is easily removed by pressing it inward which makes it "pop" out slightly.

Sony DSC-U60

Sony DSC-U60

The USB 1.1 port is for connection to the host computer for data download. There is no provision for Video Out or AC power adapter. Note the O-ring seal around the door and the "beefy" latching mechanism.

Sony DSC-U60

The DSC-U60 is powered by just two AAA type batteries. A set of NiMH triple-A batteries and charger are included and we suggest you carry at least one extra set of NiMH batteries to insure adequate power supply. Sony makes no claim as to battery life but we were very impressed with how long the included batteries lasted considering that the color LCD is always on.

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