Playback Screens & Menus


Pressing the playback button on the back of the camera allows you to view the images that are stored on the memory card or internal memory. The Disp. button allows you to change the amount of information that is shown on the LCD screen. 

Pressing the zoom control to the "W"ide end enters the camera into index mode. Here you can view and search through the thumbnails of your images. Pressing the select button brings up the highlighted image or movie. There is also a calendar view that allows you to select a group of images based on the date in which they were taken. 

Pressing the zoom control the other way, to the "T"elephoto end, allows you to zoom in up to 8x. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image. 

Playback Menu:
  • Slideshow - Auto play of all still images
  • View Mode - Date View, Folder View Still, Folder View Movie 
  • Retouch - Trimming, Red-Eye Correction, Unsharpen Mask
  • Beauty Effect - Retouches any detected faces within the frame automatically
  • Delete - Remove images from media card
  • Protect - This image, multiple images 
  • DPOF - This image, multiple images
  • Rotate - rotate image
  • In-camera Guide - Enter the camera guide
  • Menu - Menu screens to set sounds, time, etc.

The in-camera cropping feature allows you to crop or trim an image. You can do this by zooming in on an image to get what you want on the LCD screen. Then clicking OK will save just what you see on the screen an a new image.

Rotate allows you to change the orientation of an image 90° at a time. This is an easy way to make an adjustment to an image without having to upload it to a computer first. 

The H200 gives you simple playback controls over your movies as well. Play and pause let you view the movie with the sound coming from a small internal speaker. Sony has not included any A/V cables or a HDMI output so your choices to easily watch your movies are limited to the camera or computer.

Shooting Settings:
  • AF Illuminator - Auto, Off
  • Grid Line - On or Off
  • Disp. Resolution - High, Standard
  • Digital Zoom - Smart, Precision, Off
  • Auto Orientation - On, Off
  • Red Eye Reduction - Auto, On, Off
  • Blink Alert - Auto, Off
  • Write Date - Puts the shooting date on the Image

Main Settings:
  • Beep - Shutter, High, Low, Off
  • Brightness Panel - Adjusts LCD brightness
  • Language Settings - Choose the language for your camera's menus
  • Display Color - Change the menu background color: White, Pink or Black
  • Initialize - Restores the camera to its default settings
  • Function Guide - On or Off
  • Video Out - NTSC, PAL
  • USB Connect - Auto, Pictridge, PTP/MTP, Mass Storage
  • LUN Settings - Multi, Single
  • Download Music - Downloads music from your computer
  • Empty Music - Deletes all music from the camera
  • Power Save - Stamina, Standard, Off

Memory Card Tool:
Format - Deletes all information from the memory card or internal memory
Create REC Folder - Make a new folder to store your images in
Change REC Folder - Select a different folder for your images
Delete REC Folder - Delete a folder from the memory
Copy - Copy images back and forth from the internal memory and memory card
File Number - Series, Reset

Clock Settings
  • Area Setting - Choose your location: Home or Destination
  • Date & Time Settings - Set the Date, Time and Location settings for the camera

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