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SP1300 Shoot & Share

Record Modes & Menu Options

The SiPix SP-1300 is an automatic "point-n-shoot" type camera, the exposure is handled by a Programmed AE system and displays the Shutter Speed and Aperture that it set. The twin stars indicate the image size and quality, Three Stars is the best for printing, Two Stars is the best for viewing and One Star is e-mail quality. Other icons indicate ISO rating set, Exposure compensation, flash mode, digital zoom mode, Present date / time and the approximate number of pictures remaining.

SiPix SP-1300

Record mode menu:

    Zoom - Single, Continuous, Self timer, Movie, Audio

    ISO - 100, or 200

    W. Balance - Auto, Sun, Cloud, Tungsten Light Bulb, or Fluorescent

    Effect - Color, B/W, or Sepia

    Sharpness - Normal, Softer, or Sharper

    Exit - Takes you back to the record mode

Playback Modes & Menu Options

SiPix SP-1300

Play mode screen: When you rotate the mode control switch on top of the camera to the Play position, the first image captured is displayed with overlay data for image number and below is the mode indicator and navigation sequence.

SiPix SP-1300

The Play mode menu:

    Zoom - Allows you to zoom in 2xon present image

    Thumbnail - Displays up to 9 images w/ frame numbers

    Slideshow - Puts each image full frame on screen for a few seconds

    Photo Control - Takes you a second menu of: Lock, Delete, DPOF MARKING, Thumbnail, Exit

    Information - displays all info about the file and exposure

    Exit - Press OK to leave Play Menu

SiPix SP-1300

Zoom: The playback image can be enlarged 2x by pressing the Menu in the Playback mode. The ZOOM menu is the first selection. Press the Menu / OK and the display is now in the 2x mode. Once an image is enlarged you can scroll around inside of it using the four navigation buttons.

SiPix SP-1300

Thumbnail: Pressing the Menu button and navigating down to the Thumbnail icon, then OK takes you from full screen to index mode which displays up to nine images at once with the frame number in the corner.

SiPix SP-1300

Info: Displays all the recorded image info.


Access the Set-up Menu by rotating the mode dial on top of the camera

SiPix SP-1300


    Language - Choose from one of 5 Languages

    Format - Format the CF card

    Auto Off - Choose from 5, 10, 15 Minute or No Auto Off

    Date / Time - Set Date and Time

    Beep - On / Off

    Self Timer - Allows setting the Self Timer to 5, 10, 15

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