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SC2300 Deluxe

Features & Controls

The SiPix SC2300 has a 6-element glass lens with a fixed focal length of 39mm (in 35mm equiv.) and a maximum aperture of f3.0. The focus distance is 0.5m to infinity in normal mode and in Macro it is 20cm-60cm (7.8"-23.6"). There is no optical zoom but it does have 2x digital zoom.

SiPix SC2300

The built-in flash offers Auto, Forced-flash, Forced no-flash, and Red-eye reduction. It recycles and processes the last image in approximately 10 seconds. Flash range is unspecified by the manufacturer.

SiPix SC2300

The optical viewfinder is bright with cropping marks to depict the image capture area. It shows approximately 80% of the captured image. There is no diopter adjustment. The LED to the right indicate flash and memory card status.

SiPix SC2300

The above image shows the four- way navigation control with the OK button in the center. The up arrow accesses the Digital Zoom in Record or the image magnification in Playback. The four directional arrows are used to navigate the menus and in playback the captured images. The center OK accepts selections.

The next control down is the Index mode button. It toggles the display in playbackbetween 9 thumbnails or a full screen single image. In Record it controls the color rear LCD display by toggling between; OFF, ON and ON with the standard info superimposed as shown at the top of the next page.

The bottom button access the menu(s) of the mode the camera is set to which are also explained on the next page.

SiPix SC2300

The main Control Dial to the right of the shutter release sets the camera's mode of operation to Record, Play, Off, SET-up, or transfer.

The large monochrome data LCD on the top lets you see all the important camera settings at a glance without the need to turn on the color LCD. The settings displayed on the above display are: three stars for 1600x1200 high quality, fresh batteries, enough space remaining on the SM card to record 64 images at these settings, flash forced on, macro, and self timer.

The switch marked with a STAR sets the picture quality:

  • ONE STAR: 800 x 600 economy resolution, 122 pictures maximum (w/ supplied 16MB SM card)
  • TWO STAR: 1600 x 1200 fine resolution, high compression, 34 pictures maximum (w/ supplied 16MB SM card)
  • THREE STAR: 1600 x 1200 superfine resolution, low compression, 15 pictures maximum (w/ supplied 16MB SM card)
The LIGHTNING-BOLT is the flash control switch with four settings, default is Auto Flash, followed by Flash always on, No Flash and Red-Eye reduction pre-flash.
The CLOCK icon indicates self timer which is a settable delay of image capture. It can be set through the Menu to: 5, 10 or 15 seconds.
The FLOWER icon next to the clock allows the camera to be set in MACRO mode which sets focus range from 7.8" to 23.6" and pressing the button again activates the self timer with macro.

SiPix SC2300

On the side is the I/O port for connecting the full sized USB data cable. Above you can see the DC INput jack for the optional 6.0 VDC power adapter. There is no video output.

SiPix SC2300

The SC2300 is equipped with a SM (SmartMedia) card slot and ships with a 16MB SM card. Any size 3.3v SM card can be used. It is somewhat difficult to remove the SM card as there is no ejector and very little finger room.

SiPix SC2300

Power is supplied by four AA type batteries. High-capacity NiMH rechargeable AA's are strongly recommended over the alkaline batteries shipped with the camera.

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