SeaLife ReefMaster DC250 Review

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Record / Playback Screens & Menus

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Here's a typical Record screen, with no information overlays.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

You can press the OK button to activate the 2X digital zoom option (if enabled in the menu.) Digital Zoom can only be used when the LCD is turned on and the image size is 1600 x 1200. Digital zoom is not like real optical zoom, it simply crops the central 50% of the frame.(Can not be used under water because the housing has no aces button.) This could also be done (better) later in software.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Macro (closeup) focus mode covers from 2 to 3 feet.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

The DC250 can also record 320x240 resoultion motion video without audio. The length of these movie clips is only limited by available memory. Digital zoom is not useable in movie mode.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Pressing the MENU button in Record mode brings up the onscreen menu of available options:

    LCD Brightness - Adjust color LCD backlight intensity

    Quickview - Immediate image review for 3 secs. after capture

    Digital Zoom - On or Off

    White Balance - Auto, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Tungsten

    Exposure - Override metering -1.8 to +1.8 in 0.3EV steps

    Sharpness - Hard, Soft, Normal

    Flash - On or Off

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Playback image with minimal information display enabled.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Pressing the display button enables the 3x3 thumbnail index mode.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Pressing the OK button enlarges the image 2x and 4x, you can scroll around using the 4-way selector.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Movie playback can be on the LCD or on your TV via the video out cable.

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Pressing the MENU button in Playback mode brings up the onscreen menu of available options:

    LCD Brightness - Adjust the intensity of the LCD backlight

    Slide Show - Automated playback mode, 2-10 sec. settable delay

    Copy To Card - Copy images from internal memory to CF card

    Delete All - Erase all images

    DPOF - Set the DPOF printing options

SeaLife ReefMaster dc250

Placing the Mode Dial in Setup brings up the setup menu:

    LAND/SEA/EXT.FLASH - Set the desired exposure mode:

      LAND - Camera is optimized for use above the water, in or out of the u/w case

      SEA - Camera is optimizd for use underwater. Special color balancing insures the best possible u/w photos

      EXT. FLASH - If using the camera underwater with one or two of the optional external flash units.

    Format - Format internal memory or SD card

    Beep - Turns button "beeps" on or off

    Power Off - Set auto power off time delay

    Rest to Default - Return all settibgs to factory default

    Date Setup - Set the internal clock

    Video Mode - Select video output, NTSC or PAL format.

    Language - Set the menu language

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