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samsung_sl420_size.jpgThe SL420 compared to an average Compact Disc.

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Samsung AB463446BAB/STD/ AB463446FZB/STD battery, Standard capacity Lithium-Ion battery: Samsung ...
(8 user ratings)
This Lithium Ion Cell Phone Battery giving you the best performance possible. This is designed specifically for your phone to deliver the most reliable and long lasting power.
(7 user ratings)
Compatibile with:Samsung Digimax HZ10W, HZ15W, L100, L110,L200, L210, NV9, SL102, SL202, SL203, SL310, SL310W, SL420, SL502, SL620, SL720, SL820, TL9 ES55, L310W, L313, PL60, PL65
Compatible with SAMSUNG C3: i8/i80, M100/M110/M310/M310 W, P800/P1000/P1200, HZ10W/HZ15W/HZ30W, Samsung SUC-C4 SAMSUNG C2: L50 L55W L60