Features & Controls (cont.)

Controls on Back: Starting at the top right corner you see the dedicated video recording button. Under that the main set of controls starts with the exposure compensation button. Next you will see the Menu button. This is used to enter the main menu system to change the camera settings and customize functions. To its right is the Fn button, used for changing certain settings like image size and quality. Next is the 4-way controller with an OK button in the middle. The 4-way controller is used for navigating through the menu and function screens as well as quick access to: DISP. (up), AF (right), ISO (down), and the Timer/Drive mode (left). All options may not be available depending on what mode the camera is in. Looking below the 4-way pad, at the left you can see the playback button that takes you into play mode, and to the right is the Custom/Delete button. This button is used to delete files during playback, and can also serve a variety of functions.


On the right side of the camera you can see the camera's two input/output ports. On top of the USB 2.0/AV Out port. Underneath is the HDMI output for connecting you any HDTV for viewing your images and HD videos.

You can store your files on any SD/SDHC/SDXC style memory card. Our tests are being completed using an 8GB microSDHC UHS-1 card with a Samsung adapter provided by Samsung. With the NX300's abilities, we recommend using the fastest cards that you have available. Class 10 and UHS-1 cards are readily available and affordable; which allow the camera's abilities to run at their full capacity.

Powering the NX300 is a 7.6V, 1130mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery. This battery is capable of capturing up to 320 images on a single charge. While this is decent for most handheld digicams, it has no comparison to the most dSLR cameras; which this camera is in competition with. This is due to its lack of an optical or electronic viewfinder. Having to use the large LCD screen for everything is a big drain on the battery. Using the camera's special features like the WiFi or GPS attachment will shorten this life dramatically. This is all the more reason to keep an least on spare battery on hand at all times.

To help increase the quality of your captured audio, Samsung offers the EM10 microphone for NX cameras. This small microphone will greatly increase the quality of audio that you are capturing as well as giving the operator the ability to listen with a set of headphones in real time. It attaches to the NX300's flash hot shoe.

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