Features & Controls

The Samsung NX300 features their NX mounting system, allowing any NX lens to be used with this this camera. These lenses are all designed specifically for the NX line of cameras to give you the best image quality possible. Currently with 13 lenses available (June 2013), you should have no problems finding a lens to fit just about any situation.

Our sample unit came with the 18-55mm OIS Zoom NX lens instead of the 20-50mm lens that is listed on the Samsung website. The 18-55mm lens features Auto and Manual focus, Samsung's iFn lens control and optical image stabilization that helps eliminate motion blur and shaking while shooting handheld. The iFn button allows you to change camera settings in manual mode by the press of the button and then turning the focus ring. This allows you to be ready to shoot, even while you are changing your settings.

The NX300 features a 20.3-Megapixel, APS-C sized image sensor, which also features phase detection pixels for faster autofocus. As the largest sensor used in mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras (as of May 2013), it also provides the highest resolution. The hybrid AF system is extremely fast and accurate as the phase detection and contrast detection work together for optimum results.

The NX300 is capable of operating with Samsung's new 2D/3D 45mm lens. With just the flip of a switch, the lens goes back and forth between the two modes. The lens also features an excellent f/1.8 maximum aperture in 2D mode and f/3.5 in 3D.

While there is not a flash built into the body of the NX300, this small pop-up unit is included and can be mounted to the hot shoe when needed. While this flash is not any more powerful than a built-in unit, it is removable, keeping the camera body size more compact. On the other hand, if you find yourself in a situation where it could be useful, you always have the risk that you may not have it with you, especially if you packed light.

In case the included flash unit is not enough for your needs, the NX300's hot shoe allows you to use any one of several Samsung external flash units. Shown above is the SEF42A, which provides the most power out of the bunch.

Framing and composing your images is accomplished with this 3.31-inch, WVGA (800x480, 768k dots) tilt-able, touch AMOLED screen. This screen keeps many of the camera controls in easy access of your thumbs as well as the with the buttons on the camera. Navigation is easy thanks to a simple menu system and large items that are easy to select by touching the screen. Swiping and touching the screen works very well, however, there is a lack of two-finger controls such as zooming; that would add even more control. With the screens ability to tilt and its 5 levels of brightness, you will have no trouble seeing it clearly in most any lighting condition.

On top of the camera you will only see a few controls. At the top is the power switch, which is coupled around the shutter release. Under that is the command dial, that also allows you to enter index mode or zoom in on an image in playback mode. To the left, on the bottom you will find the Direct Link button. This will let the camera instantly upload all of the images that have been captured to the devices that are connected to the camera; only the images that are captured while a device is connected. To the far right is the mode dial, which features your typical PASM modes, the camera's lens control mode (i), a Wi-Fi position to access it's wireless options, full auto, and even some smart specialty shooting modes.

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