Steve's Conclusion


Steve's SnapShot
    Samsung NX2000 275 wide.jpg
  • 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor
  • DRIMe IV engine
  • 3.7-inch WVGA Full Touch Screen Display
  • Full 1080p HD Movie Recording 
  • HDMI 1.4a output
  • 14 SMART Modes
  • 8 frames-per-second fast continuous shooting
  • 1/4000th second top shutter speed
  • 100-25600 ISO range
  • i-Function System
  • 3D Still and Movie Recording Capabilities
  • Works with 12 NX-series lenses
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Very good image quality with 20.3 MP of resolution
  • Large APS-C sized image sensor
  • Large touch screen LCD
  • Menu structure is constructed smartly for touch screen
  • Compact mirrorless ILC camera that's comfortable to hold and use
  • Good-looking camera
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and NFC wireless technologies
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Included external flash gives good results
  • Fast performance in burst mode
  • Plenty of special effect features
  • Good value
  • Can shoot in RAW
  • Good performance at higher ISO settings
  • Can't quite match performance of DSLR cameras
  • Autofocus is a little slow at times, especially when shooting movies
  • LCD screen has some glare issues
  • Fingerprints will be obviously noticeable on the screen after several minutes of use
  • Electronic viewfinder must be purchased separately if you want one
  • Must use microSD size memory cards
  • No separate battery charger included
  • Some photographers may have preferred a built-in flash option
  • Price is a little high versus other entry-level ILC models
Timing Test Results
  • Power up to first image captured = 2.7 seconds (with start-up image turned off)
  • Shutter lag when prefocused  = less than 1/10 of a second
  • Shutter lag with autofocus = about 0.1 of a second
  • Shot to shot delay without flash = 3.5 seconds between frames with minimum review time On, 2.3 seconds with review Off
  • Shot to shot delay with flash = 4.1 seconds between frames with minimum review time On, 3.7 seconds with review Off
  • High Continuous Mode = 10 frames in 1.9 seconds @ 20M
  • Low Continuous Mode = 10 frames in 2.9 seconds @ 20M
  • All tests were taken using a PNY Class 10, 16 GB Micro SDHC memory card, Program Mode, Flash off, Review on, ISO Auto and all other settings at the factory defaults unless noted otherwise.
Bottom Line
Samsung has steadily become the go-to camera manufacturer for touch screen LCD cameras and models with built-in Wi-Fi. With the growing popularity of the mirrorless ILC camera design, Samsung appears to have hit a home run with its NX2000 camera. This interchangeable lens model combines a compact camera body, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, and a 3.7-inch touch screen LCD to give photographers looking to make the jump from a point-n-shoot camera to an intermediate interchangeable lens camera a great option. Samsung has made this camera as easy to use as almost any beginner-level camera, while still providing some nice advanced features, such as the ability to shoot in RAW and a large image sensor. The NX2000's MSRP may seem a little high versus some other starter ILC cameras, but the touch screen LCD screen, APS-C sized image sensor, and Wi-Fi capability make the Samsung NX2000 a pretty good value.
Pick This Up If...
You want an easy-to-use interchangeable lens camera that provides a nice mix of easy-to-use and advanced features, including a large 3.7-inch touch screen LCD and a large image sensor.
Photographers looking to make their first move from a point-n-shoot camera to an interchangeable lens model often give mirrorless ILC models a close look. The ILCs are thinner than DSLR models and typically have a more stylish look that more closely resembles a point-n-shoot model. However, DSLR cameras typically offer more power and better results.

Making the choice between mirrorless ILC and mirrored DSLR cameras becomes a lot easier for a beginning photographer if the interchangeable lens camera is easy to use, while also offering enough intermediate and advanced features to help the photographer improve his or her photography skills as time goes along.

Among cameras now in the market, Samsung has put together one of the better combinations of an easy-to-use configuration and advanced photography options with its latest ILC model, the Samsung NX2000. This is a stylish camera with a large touch screen LCD and built-in Wi-Fi that will appeal to both beginning and intermediate level photographers.

The NX2000 works extremely well as a fun, fully automatic camera, allowing less experienced photographers to quickly become familiar with using it. It then also provides a full range of manual control features as well as quite a few customization options that will allow the NX2000 to help photographers hone their skills. 

The fun features include the ability to apply more than a dozen special effect filters to your photos. You also can perform some fun basic editing functions to your stored images through the Playback menu. And when shooting in advanced modes, you can shoot at a shutter speed up to 1/4000th of a second or at an ISO up to 25600.

With an MSRP of $649 (which includes a 20-50mm kit lens), the NX2000 has a price tag that's a bit larger than other entry-level ILCs. However, those other models cannot match the 20.3 MP APS-C sized image sensor, the 3.7-inch LCD screen, or the built-in Wi-Fi that's found in the NX2000. These are great features to find in a starter interchangeable lens camera, making the NX2000 a good value.

The 3.7-inch LCD screen will quickly grab your attention when you pick up the NX2000 for the first time. It occupies nearly the entire back panel of this camera. 

Because touch screen cameras are so easy to use and because large touch screen LCDs are becoming a more commonly found feature on point-n-shoot cameras, having a touch screen on a DSLR or ILC model can play a key role in helping the beginning photographer feel more comfortable with his or her new advanced camera. Additionally -- as Samsung always seems to do -- the NX2000's menu structures and on-screen controls are perfectly designed for use with a touch screen camera, making this model much easier to use than some touch screen cameras from other manufacturers.

While the NX2000's LCD is large and sharp, it does have some problems with glare, as you probably noticed from some of the product photos included with this review. This is a problem when shooting photos in bright sunlight, especially since the NX2000 doesn't have a viewfinder built into the camera or an external viewfinder included in the box (you can purchase one separately and connect it through the hot shoe, though). The screen also seemed to collect fingerprints more quickly than some other camera touch screens, which is an annoyance.

The images you shoot with the Samsung NX2000 will look great, whether you're viewing them on the camera's LCD or on a large computer screen. Samsung placed an APS-C sized image sensor inside the NX2000, which is a sensor size that's more commonly found in DSLR cameras than ILC cameras. 

This model uses a CMOS type of image sensor, which helps the NX2000 provide very good performance levels in low light. Samsung also included an external flash that you can attach to the camera through the hot shoe. There is no built-in flash with this camera, so you'll have to carry the external flash with you at all times, but it's of a compact size and would fit easily in a pocket. You also can shoot at ISO levels as high as 3200 with minimal noise problems, which is nice.

The NX2000's image sensor produces 20.3 megapixels of resolution, which yields some really nice photos. You also will have the option of shooting in RAW, an advanced feature that doesn't appear in every ILC camera or entry-level DSLR model.

One slightly odd situation you may notice with the Samsung NX2000 is that the primary aspect ratio for the camera is 3:2, rather than the 4:3 ratio that's more common with most cameras. In fact the NX2000 doesn't offer any 4:3 ratio shooting options.

The NX2000 works pretty fast in nearly all shooting situations with minimal shutter lag. You may notice that the autofocus mechanism slows down a little bit when shooting in low light, but this is really the only area where the Samsung NX2000 doesn't offer fast response times. The burst modes that Samsung included with this camera are great, too, offering full resolution images at really fast speeds. 

Movie recording isn't quite as good with the NX2000 as you may find with some other cameras. Although you can shoot at full 1080p HD video quality, you may experience some problems with the speed at which the camera's autofocus works, potentially leaving you with a blurred stretch of video for a few seconds at a time if the subject is moving. Additionally, it can be tough to twist the zoom ring on the lens without jarring the camera, causing a jump in your video stream if you're hand-holding the camera. Samsung did include an HDMI port with this model, although you'll have to purchase an HDMI cable separately.

You can find the Samsung NX2000 in white, pink, or black camera bodies with matching interchangeable lenses. This camera has a perfectly sized right-hand grip, making it comfortable to hold and use this camera with one hand or two. Samsung included very few buttons with the NX2000, instead having you control the camera primarily through the touch screen, which is very responsive. It's easy to understand the operational function of the few buttons that are built into the camera, and they are of a good size to use. Samsung even placed a pad on the back of the camera for resting your right thumb, which is great.

Although most cameras use a SD sized memory card, many small Samsung point-n-shoot cameras use microSD size cards. The NX2000 also only has a microSD memory card slot, which some photographers may find a bit annoying, as you may have to purchase a new memory card to use this camera. On top of that, microSD cards are tiny, and vey easy to drop or lose, compared to standard SD cards.

Finally, you'll quickly learn to appreciate the built-in Wi-Fi technology that the NX2000 offers. Samsung included several different options for making a connection through the Wi-Fi, including direct e-mail, sharing images via Facebook, connecting with a smartphone for remote control, or automatically backing up your photos to a web service. There's also built-in NFC (Near Field Communication) technology with the NX2000, something that's found on very few cameras currently. Through NFC, you can make a connection between two NFC-enabled devices by touching them together.

Using the Wi-Fi quite a bit will drain the NX2000's battery pretty quickly, unfortunately. During typical photography usage, you can expect up to 340 shots per battery charge, according to Samsung. My tests showed that a more realistic number is 250 to 300 photos per charge.

Bottom Line - Samsung has created a really good mixture of features that are easy and fun to use, along with advanced photography options in its mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (ILC), the Samsung NX2000. The NX2000 offers a 3.7-inch touch screen LCD, which makes this model very easy to use. Samsung knows how to create touch screen cameras, and the NX2000's menus are smartly designed for use with a touch screen. The screen does have some problems with glare, which can be a bit of a hassle when shooting in sunlight. Image quality is very good with the NX2000, thanks primarily to a large APC-S sized image sensor that offers 20-plus megapixels of resolution. The autofocus works a little slowly from time to time, which is especially noticeable in movies, but the Samsung NX2000's overall response times are fast. This model's wireless capabilities, which include built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technologies, are among the easiest to use that you'll find in a camera that's currently on the market. The Samsung NX2000's starting price is a bit higher than other entry-level ILC models, but its Wi-Fi capability, large image sensor, and sharp touch screen LCD make this model a good value.

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