Record Screens & Menus


Above you see the NX100 in SmartAuto mode. In this mode the camera will select all of your settings for you, and chooses the best scene setting for the current shot being framed. This is an easy way to take a great photo without having to take the time to set up the camera on your own.

samsung_nx100_rec_ready.jpgWhen half-pressing the shutter release you will see the image shown above. This is where the camera will prefocus and select the best settings for the photo. If your image is in focus you will see the AF target (or targets) turn green and the NX100 is ready to shoot. However if you see the AF target turn red, this means the camera has failed to focus and you need to adjust your position to the subject, or find better lighting. The NX100 does offer a green focus assist lamp to help it focus under marginal lighting conditions.

Above you can see various icons and indicators on the screen for image size and quality, AF area, flash mode (if external unit is attached), color mode, smart range, drive mode, AF mode, white balance, ISO, metering, picture wizard, aperture, shutter speed, EV. comp., the number of frames available, batter level, and the time and date. Pressing the DISP. button will wipe all info from the screen as well as display a histogram.

samsung_nx100_program_mode.jpgHere is an example of the camera in Program mode. While still offering fully automatic exposure control, here you are able to set more advanced functions that are not available in Smart Auto.

This is a view of the NX100 in manual mode. This mode is for advanced users that want access to all settings, and allows you to have complete control over the exposure process. You may choose the shutter speed and aperture by using you control dials. The control dial at the top of the camera sets the shutter speed and the back control dial will set your aperture. At the bottom, you can see an exposure scale which will help you dial in the exposure. You can also use the new iFn functionality of the lens to control either the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance or ISO. The exposure scale at the bottom of the screen helps you dial in the exposure in real-time, and the screen display also gives you a pretty accurate view of how the exposure will look.

In Aperture Priority mode, you can be more creative with your photos by selecting your own aperture value, and the camera will select the corresponding shutter speed.

Shutter Priority mode is the exact opposite of Aperture Priority, you choose the shutter speed and the camera will set the aperture.

samsung_nx100_rec_movie.jpgThis is a view of the NX100 recording a movie clip. You may choose from 1280X720 (HD), 640x480 and 320x240. This Samsung uses H.264 compression and movies are saved with a .MP4 file extension. A few options that you have in movie mode include: size, quality, wind cut, aperture settings, and OIS. The maximum clip length is limited by 4GB or 25 minutes, whichever comes first. The autofocus system switches to continuous mode when using movie mode, which helps keep subjects in focus when using a zoom lens.

samsung_nx100_recmenu_anim.gifImage Recording Menu:

  • Photo Size- 3:2 - 14M, 10M, 6M, 2M; 16:9 - 12M, 8M, 5M, 2M; 1:1 - 9M, 6.7M, 4M, 1.6M
  • Quality - Super Fine, Fine, Normal, RAW, RAW+SuperFine, RAW+Fine, RAW+Normal
  • ISO - Auto, 100 - 6400
  • ISO Expansion - On/Off
  • White Balance - Select the WB setting that best suits the scene, or choose Auto
  • Picture Wizard - Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Forest, Retro, Cool, Calm, Classic, Custom 1-3
  • Color Space - sRGB, Adobe RGB
  • AF Mode - Single, Continuous, Manual Focus
  • AF Area - Selection, Multi, Face Detection, Self-Portrait
  • AF Priority - On, Off
  • MF Assist - Off, Enlarge, FA
  • Drive - Single, Continuous, Burst, Timer, AE BKT, WB BKT, P Wiz BKT
  • Flash - Fill-in, Fill-in Red Eye, 1st Curtain, 2nd Curtain (only available in certain modes)
  • BKT Set - AE BKT, WB BKT, P Wiz BKT
  • Smart Range - On, Off
  • Metering - Spot, Center weighted, Multi
  • Link AE to AF Point - On/Off
  • Framing Mode - On/Off
  • OIS - Mode 1, Mode 2 (only available in certain modes)


Rec Movie Menu:

  • Movie AE Mode -Program, Aperture Priority
  • Movie Size - 1280, 640, 320
  • Quality - Normal, High Quality
  • White balance - Select the WB setting that best suits the scene, or choose Auto
  • AF Mode - Single, Continuous, Manual Focus
  • MF Assist - Off, Enlarge, FA
  • Drive - Off, Timer
  • Metering - Spot, Center weighted, Multi
  • Fader - Off, In, Out, In-Out
  • Wind Cut - Off, On
  • Voice - On, Off

The following two menus are for customizing settings to your liking.

Still mode
Movie mode

These are views of the shortcuts available using the 4-way controller: AF modes, WB selections, Drive, and ISO settings.

samsung_nx100_movie_mode_func_menu.jpgThe FN menu allows you to quickly access additional functions that you may want changed. It is important to note that the choices are dependent on the exposure mode being used.

Setup menu options:

  • Format - Format the memory card
  • Reset - Resets the camera settings to factory default
  • File Name - Standard, Date
  • File Number - Series, Reset
  • Folder Type - Standard, Date
  • Language - Select the language shown in the display
  • Quickview - Off, 1sec, 3sec, 5sec, Hold
  • Display Adjust - Display Brightness, Auto Brightness, Display Color
  • Display Save - Off, 0.5min, 1min, 3min, 5min, 10min
  • Power Save - 0.5min, 1min, 3min, 5min, 10min, 30min
  • Date & Time - Set the date and time for the camera
  • Sound - System Volume, AF Sound, Button Sound
  • Sensor Cleaning - Sensor Cleaning, Start-Up Action
  • Video Out - NTSC, PAL
  • Anynet+ - (HDMI-CEC) - On, Off
  • HDMI Size - Auto, 1080i, 720p, 480p, 576p
  • Firmware Update - Body Firmware, Lens Firmware
  • Lens i-Function - WB, ISO (on/off)

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