Playback Screens & Menus



Pressing the Play button will show your last image captured on the 3.0-inch AMOLED display. Using the display button will scroll through the different options shown above. This shows all of your photo information, including RGB and light histograms. To scroll through stored files, you can use the left and right directions on the 4-way pad, or use the rear control wheel. 

Scrolling through your images is made easier by using the index option. This is accessed with the top control dial by rotating the wheel counter-clockwise. This selection allows you to view from 1 to 20 stored images or videos at a time, making for a faster and easier way to browse through all saved files.

Zooming in and Trimming an image in playback mode is also available. Using the top control dial clockwise will bring you to this option. Using the control dial you can zoom in on any area of your photo, and using the 4-way pad on the back will scroll to any area you wish to view. Pressing OK goes back to full screen mode, and Fn will trim (crop) the image, and save it as a new file.

The NX100 offers several in-camera editing options like Red-eye Fix, Backlight, Photo Style Selector, Resize, Rotate, Face Retouch, and Smart Filter. Here you can adjust the look of an image to your liking.


Playback Menu:

  • Delete - Select, All
  • Image Edit - Red-eye Fix, Backlight, Photo Style Selector, Resize, Rotate, Face Retouch, Smart Filter
  • View - Single, 3, 9, 20
  • Auto Rotate - On/Off
  • Highlight - On, Off
  • DPOF - Standard, index, Size
  • Slideshow - Automated slide show with 3, 5, 10 or 30 sec picture delay
  • Images - All, Date, Select
  • Effect - Off, Effect 1, Effect 2
  • Interval - 1sec, 3sec, 5sec, 10sec
  • Music - On, Off

samsung_nx100_play_movie_1.jpgThis is a view of a movie in Playback mode. The OK button will start and pause the video, and right and left on your 4-way pad will fast forward and rewind, respectively. Using the rear control wheel allows you to go frame by frame. During any video you can press down on the 4-way pad and it will capture that image and save as a new file. This will be saved in the same quality as the video. To stop the video simply press up on the 4-way pad. Also shown above is the sound icon, which shows the sound output level of the built-in speaker, rotating the top control wheel allows you to adjust the volume. 

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