Features & Controls (cont.)


On the top right of the camera you have a group of controls that include: the mode dial, the front control wheel, shutter release, and the power off/on switch. The mode dial allows you to easily change the exposure mode (Smart Auto, Program, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, Manual, i-Scene Lens Priority, and Scene), while the control wheel is used to change various camera settings depending on what mode the camera is in. While in playback mode, the control dial will also act as the index/zoom dial.

You can also see the built in microphones (left) and speaker (right) in the photo above.

On the rear of your NX100 there are many controls as well as a sweet 3.0-inch AMOLED display. This screen offers 100% frame coverage, 614K dots of resolution for a high-quality image, and an anti-reflective coating.

Starting at the top left you see the DISP button that controls the amount of information displayed on the screen. Moving right is the smart shoe port, that is used for various optional accessories added to the camera. Next you can see the AEL button that will lock in either the exposure or focus settings; or both. This can also be used to lock any photo from being deleted accidentally in playback mode. Next is the quick AV key that allows you to press and change the exposure values of your photo. Below the AV key you will see the Menu button. This is used to enter the main menu system to change the camera settings and customize functions. Next is the 4-way pad with an OK button in the middle, which also has the rear control wheel mounted around it. The 4-way pad is used for navigating through the menu and function screens as well as quick access to: Focus mode (up), White Balance (right), ISO (down), and the Timer/Drive mode (left). The function button is to the right of the 4-way pad and is used for changing certain settings like image size and quality. All options may not be available depending on what mode the camera is in. Looking below the 4-way pad, at the left you can see the playback key that takes you into play mode, and to the right is the Green/Delete button. This key is used to delete files during playback, and can also serve a variety of functions when in record mode; including resetting the value of Picture Wizard, White Balance, Color Temp., Flash EV, etc.


These are the various ports located behind the door on the left hand side of the camera. Starting from top to bottom we have the AV/USB port that allows you to connect the camera to a television with the supplied cables or to your PC or printer using the USB cable for transferring images or direct printing. Next is the remote shutter release port for use with the optional release cable and the DC IN port to connect the camera to an optional external power source. Last we have the HDMI port that will connect the camera to some High Definition devices, again using an optional cable. Samsung includes your standard AV (Audio/Video) and USB cables with the camera.

samsung_nx-100_memory.jpgThe NX-00's memory card slot is located behind the door on the bottom of the camera along with the battery. It accepts both SD and SDHC type flash cards. Pictured here is a SanDisk Extreme (Class 10) 4GB SDHC card.

samsung_nx-100_battery.jpgSamsung includes a 7.4V 9.6Wh rechargeable Li-Ion battery with the camera. They claim that this pack can power the NX100 for up to 420 photos or 130 min. of video capture on a full charge. The pack is charged in the included AC charger that simply plugs into any outlet, just remove the battery from the camera and place it into the charger. This allows you to charge a spare pack (sold separately) while using another, so you'll always be ready to capture the action. The AC charger uses a power cable, instead of the fold away prongs like many units offer.

For those looking for accessories for their NX100, Samsung offers a wealth of options that you can add to your purchase. Below you can see an example of all the options you can choose from; click the image to enlarge.


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