Features & Controls


Above you can see the NX lens mount system, as well as the lens releases on the right. This all-metal mount offers a solid and secure connection to any of Samsung's NX-series lenses; the NX100 comes bundled with their 20-50mm ED iFunction lens. Samsung was the first manufacture to incorporate a a large a APS-C sized imager (23.4x15.6mm) into a compact EVIL (Electric Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens) body. This sensor is quite a bit larger than the micro4/3 units offered by many of the NX100's competitors, and it's usually found in most consumer dSLRs.

Since the NX100 uses a mirror-less system, Samsung was able to build an even smaller camera body as well as smaller lenses. This model also comes with a "Super Sonic" dust control system that automatically keeps your CMOS sensor clean, by using ultrasonic vibrations to remove any dust from the sensor.


Here we can see the NX100 with the 20-50mm F3.5-5.6 iFn lens attached. This is one of Samsung's first lenses to feature their new iFunction (iFn) operation. This feature allows you to change ISO, White Balance, Exposure Compensation, etc. by using the iFn button and the manual focus ring. Overall, this simplifies the entire process, and allows you to keep you hands in one position.

When tossing the camera into you camera bag, you can collapse the lens thanks to the switch located on the lens zoom ring. This saves just over a half or an inch on the lens' overall length when at full wide angle. As you can see in the photo on the left, it will be much easier to toss the NX100 into your camera bag, handbag, or larger pocket with the length savings, as compared to the photo on the right where the lens is simply at full wide angle.

Here we can see a close-up of the controls on the lens, including the manual focus and zoom rings, the (iFn) button, and the collapse switch described above.

samsung_nx-100_hotshoot.jpgWhile the NX100 does not offer a built-in flash, it is fitted with a smart shoe that excepts a variety of optional accessories. Samsung has a few different options for its smart shoe that include external flash units (SEF42A, SEF20A, SEF15A), a GPS module, and an EVF (Electronic ViewFinder). The smart shoe allows the camera to communicate directly with the accessory attached, which makes it a valuable asset.

samsung_nx-100_smart_shoe_accessory_port.jpgWhen mounting any of the listed accessories, you must also make sure it plugs into the smart port shown above. This is what allows the camera to work and communicate with your accessories. When mounting and dismounting any accessory be careful not to damage the smart port.

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