Samsung has loaded its Intelli-Studio software directly into the C20, allowing you to view and edit your images and videos on any computer, without installing any software, and all you need to do is remember your USB cable. It also allows you to directly upload your files to a computer, or if you have an internet connection, you can directly upload to one of the camera's sharing sites: facebook, flickr, YouTube or directly to your email account.

Viewing your images through the Intelli-Studio software allows you to see the entire image, zoom in and out and see a full-color histogram. You also have the options to print and view a slide show of all the images stored on the memory card.

The photo editing studio is loaded with features, allowing you to do just about anything you can think of. The only thing you have to do is upload your images first, as you cannot edit them directly on the camera. Your editing options include: Change Size, Face Retouch, Face Whitening, Red-Eye Fix, Auto Adjust, Fine-Tuning, Image Effect, Insert Frame, Insert Text, Insert Stamp and Horizontal Alignment.

Your videos are displayed in the video player above. You can play the video normally or forwards and backwards in slow motion.

The video editing suite allows you to create home movies by combining video clips, pictures, transitions audio clips and others. The full list of features includes: Movie Effects, Fine-Tuning, Transition Effects, Insert Empty Image, Insert Text, Insert Sound and Speed Control.

The Share section of the software allows you to select a group of images and videos that will all be uploaded to the selected sources with just one click of a button. The only thing that needs to happen first is managing your web sites.

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