Features & Controls

Powered by Android's 4.4 KitKat OS, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a large and powerful smartphone that's loaded with impressive specifications. Featuring a 5.1-inch, Full 1080p Super AMOLED HD touch screen, 16-Megapixel camera and a 2.5GHz quad-core processor, this phone has the power to propel you through all of your media needs throughout the day. The phone also features other great features, including NFC connectivity, a front-facing 2-Megapixel camera, GPS, fingerprint scanner and a built-in heart rate monitor.

On the back of the camera you will find the main camera sporting a 16-Megapixel CMOS imaging sensor and the LED flash unit. This camera is not far from what you are used to with your compact digicam, minus the optical zoom. Auto focus, touch focus and face detection make this smartphone as easy to use as any digicam.

The top of the phone features the front-facing 2-Megapixel camera to the far left on top. Also on top is a tempered glass screen protector, that you can see the outline of around the top of the phone. On the top side, you can see the 3.5mm headphone jack and IR transmitter, allowing the phone to work as a remote control for your TV.

The bottom of the camera features the "home" button for Android navigation. It also works as the fingerprint scanner for smartphone security. Underneath you will find the USB 3.0 port, which is not only used to transfer information and files, but it also allows the camera to charge very quickly.

Under the back cover you will find the battery and slots for the SIMM card and a MicroSD memory card. The two slots are piggybacked so they look like a single slot, but the MicroSD fits directly above the SIMM. The battery for the S5 has a longer shape than the battery for the S4, and adds an additional 200mAh, with a total of 2800mAh. If you look closely at the cover, you will see a gray gasket that runs around the back. This gives the smartphone some waterproof capabilities, allowing it to be in up to 3ft. of water for up to 30 minutes.

Composing and viewing your images is accomplished with the smartphones large 1080p HD LCD screen. It allows you to see all of the small details and is visible in almost all lighting conditions. Shooting with the S5 is very easy, as the camera allows for touch focus, letting you easily select the focus point for the camera. You can capture your image by tapping the camera icon on the screen or by using the volume buttons on the side. All of the settings and controls are available via the screen with the icons on either side.

Just like a compact digicam, the S5 features plenty of custom scene shooting modes: Auto, Beauty Face, Shot & More, Panorama, Virtual Tour, Dual Camera, Animated Photo, Sound & Shot, Sports, Surround Shot, Sequence Shot.

Shooting Menu:
  • Picture Size - 16M (5312x2988), 12M (3984x2988), 9M (2976x2976), 8M (3264x2448), 6M (3264x1836), 2.4M (2048x1152)
  • Burst Shots - On or Off
  • Picture Stabilization - On or Off
  • Face Detection - On or Off
  • ISO -
  • Metering Modes - Center-weighted, Matrix, Spot
  • Tap to Take Pics - On or Off
  • Selective Focus - On or Off
  • Video Size - UHD (3840x2160), Full HD (1920x1080), HD (1280x720), VGA (640x480)
  • Video Recording Mode - Normal, Limit for MMS, Slow Motion, Fast Motion, Smooth Shooting
  • Video Stabilization - On or Off
  • Audio Zoom - On or Off
  • Effects - None, Vignette, Vintage, Faded Color, Grayscale, Sepia, Tint, Turquoise, Cartoon, Fisheye, Moody, Oil Pastel, Rugged, Many more downloadable effects
  • Flash - On, Auto, Off
  • Timer - Off, 2 Sec, 5 Sec, 10 Sec
  • HDR - On or Off

You are able to view your captured images on the LCD screen. To scroll through them, all you have to do is swipe your finger across the screen. Using two fingers, you can zoom in and out on the images to get a closer look.

Just tapping the LCD screen once brings up the index mode with the thumbnails in front of the large image. Here you can swipe through all of the images that in the current folder. The other index mode is the gallery mode, allowing you to search your images by the date in which they were taken.

Above is a screen showing the camera's ability to zoom in. "Pinching" the screen allows you to zoom in as far as you would like to check the fine details and focus of your images. Pinching the other way then allows you to zoom back out.

The S5 also includes a more than reasonable editing suite built into the camera. Here you can change and edit your images with ease. You will find more options than any compact digicam, and possibly as many or more than the editing suite on your computer.

Editing Options:
  • Adjustments - Rotate, Crop, Resize
  • Tone - Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Adjust RGB, Darken, Lighten, Temperature, Hue
  • Effects - Vignette, Vintage, Nostalgia, Fade, Grayscale, Sepia, Tint, Stardust, Light Flare, Light Streak, Downlight, Blue Wash, Sharpen, Soft Glow, Turquoise, Impressionist, Cartoon, Negative, Sketch Art, Pop Art
  • Portrait - Remove Redeye, Brighten Face, Airbrush, Out-of-Focus
  • Decoration - Sticker, Label, Frame, Drawing, Add Image

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