GR Digital III

GR Digital III

Record Screens & Menus


ricoh_gr3_rec_auto.jpgThe screen display in the Automatic record mode. Icons across the top indicate that the flash is disabled, there is a SD card in the camera, Auto record mode. The image size is 3648 (10-megapixels), quality is Fine and there's space left on the SD card to take 216 more pictures. On the bottom is the battery condition icon and the ISO setting.

ricoh_gr3_rec_program.jpgHere you can see the Program exposure mode. Like Auto, the camera chooses all of the exposure setting automatically, but now you have access to more advanced settings like exposure compensation, ISO, white balance, focus mode, etc.

ricoh_gr3_rec_ready.jpgWhen you half-press the shutter release, the active AF points will turn green, and the camera will then also display the chosen aperture, shutter speed, and ISO values.

ricoh_gr3_rec_aperture.jpgIn Aperture priority mode (A on the mode dial, you select the desired aperture value and the camera automatically selects the appropriate shutter speed. A small apertures (large F-stop number) increases the depth of field (range of focus), where a large aperture (small F-stop number) decreases the depth of field.


Shutter-speed priority mode is the opposite of aperture priority. You select the desired shutter speed, and the camera automatically selects the aperture value.Slow shutter speeds allow for moving objects to show 'motion blur' (like water running down a stream) and fast shutter speeds will 'freeze' fast moving objects (like a football player making a catch).


In Manual mode the proper exposure value is determined by changing both the shutter speed and the aperture values manually. You can visually see the screen lighten or darken as you change settings, and a EV (exposure value) scale on the lower left hand side will help you achieve an optimal exposure. You use the ADJ. button/switch on the back to change the shutter speed, and the control dial located near the shutter release for aperture. 


Rec. Menu:

  • Pic Quality/Size - Raw (10M), Raw 3:2 (9M), Raw 1:1 (7M), F3648 (10M), N3648 (10M), F 3:2 (9M), N 3:2 (9M), F 1:1 (7M), N 1:1 (7M), N3264 (8M), N2592 (5M), N2048 (3M), N1280 (1M), N640 (VGA)
  • Focus - Multi AF, Spot AF, MF, Snap, Infinity
  • Snap Focus Distance - 1m, 2.5m, 5m, Infinity
  • Full Press Snap - On, Off, Auto-Hi ISO
  • Pre-AF - On or Off
  • Exposure Metering - Multi, Center, Spot
  • Image Settings - Vivid, Standard, Black & White, B&W (TE), Custom Setting1 & 2
  • Continuous Mode - Off, Continuous, S-Cont, M-Cont
  • Auto Bracket - Off, On ±0.3, On ±0.5, WB-BKT, CL-BKT
  • Flash Expo. Comp. - ±2 in 1/3 increments
  • Manual Flash Amount - Full, 1/1.4, 1/2, 1/2.8, etc.
  • Flash Synchro Settings - 1st or 2nd Curtain
  • Noise Reduction - Off, Weak or Strong
  • Noise Reduction ISO - All, Over ISO 201, Over ISO 401, Over ISO 801, ISO 1600
  • Interval Shooting - Automatically shoots at an interval that you set.
  • Date Imprint - Off, Date, or Date&Time
  • Exposure Compensation - ±2 in 1/3 increments
  • White Balance - Multi-P Auto, Auto, Outdoors, Cloudy, Incandescent Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp,Manual Settings, CT (Detail)
  • White Balance Compensation - Manually adjust the white balance
  • ISO Setting - Auto, Auto - Hi, 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600

ricoh_gr3_rec_scenemode_anim.gifHere you can see the available options when you rotate the mode dial to the Scene position. This menu gives you access to Dynamic Range, Skew Correct, Text, and Movie modes.

ricoh_gr3_rec_manual.jpg The focus mode is selectable between Auto, Manual, Snap and Infinity. Shown here is the manual focus mode, you adjust focus with the "up" and "down" buttons. The image can be enlarged by pressing and holding the OK button.

The Snap focus mode gives you a large depth of field so most everything from close to distant will be in focus and eliminates the auto focus delay for nearly instantaneous shutter release time. Infinity is good for landscapes or open-sky pictures where the auto focus would often fail otherwise.

ricoh_gr3_rec_display_anim.gifPress the DISP button to toggle between standard overlay info, info + histogram, framing grids or no overlay info.

ricoh_gr3_rec_macro.jpgThe GR3 has a very respectable macro focusing mode, which can focus on a subject as close as 0.39 inches (1.0cm) from the lens.

ricoh_gr3_rec_movie.jpgThe GR3 shoots video in either 640x480 or 320x240 resolution at 15 or 30 pfs. Movie clips are recorded in Motion JPEG format and saved as AVI files.


Movie mode MENU options:

  • Movie Size - 640x480, 320x240
  • Frame Rate - 15, 30 fps
  • Focus - Multi AF, Spot AF, MF, Snap, Infinity 
  • Snap Focus Distance - 1m, 2.5m, 5m, Infinity
  • Pre-AF - On or Off
  • White Balance - Multi-P Auto, Auto, Outdoors, Cloudy, Incandescent Lamp, Fluorescent Lamp,Manual Settings, CT (Detail)
  • White Balance Compensation - Manually adjust the white balance

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