Polaroid PDC2150 Review

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Polaroid PDC2150

Playback Screens & Menus

Polaroid PDC2150

Moving the Mode Selector slide switch to Playback brings up the last image captured in full screen mode with the minimal data overlayed. Pressing Down or Up buttons lets you move through the stored images.

Polaroid PDC2150

While an image is displayed full screen you can magnify it by selecting the Zoom option in the menu. You move the quadrant selector around to pick what part of the image you want to magnify 2X.

Polaroid PDC2150

Play mode menu, you can zoom (magnify) the image, delete one image or all images, enable the overlay of information, copy images from internal memory to memory card, protect/unprotect image, start a slideshow, set the DPOF printing information, format the memory card or enter the SETUP menu.

Polaroid PDC2150

The image delete function lets you select images to delete or you can delete all images in one operation.

Polaroid PDC2150

The DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) screen allows you to embed printing information on your memory card. This information can be used by most printers with card slots or by those photo printing kiosks at the mall or photo store.

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