Features & Controls

The Polaroid Cube features a 124° extra-wide, f/2.0 fixed camera lens. This lens makes it easy to capture everything, so you never miss your subject, even though you are shooting without a viewfinder or LCD screen. The lens is weather-sealed, just in case you get a little too close to the water or caught in the rain. Below the lens is the Cube's built-in microphone.

The back of the camera features everything that the camera has to offer. This very simple camera only has two functions, recording stills and video. With the video you have the option of either 720p or 1080p HD video recording at 30fps. The stills are automatically set at 6MP. Here you will also find the MicroSD card slot and high speed USB port.


When you plug the camera into your computer, the included software gives you a couple of options for the camera. The ability to change the light frequency, add a time stamp and turn cycle recording on and off can be very useful. Here you can also sync the time and date with the computer. Finally you can adjust the volume of the beep notifications the camera makes when in use.

The bottom of the camera features a unique item, a fairly powerful magnet that allows you to attach the camera to many places or items that other action cameras are not capable of mounting to.

Packaged with the Cube is a very short high speed USB cable. This cable is used to transfer your videos and images to your computer as well as charging the internal battery of the camera.

The Cube is shown here with the Transcend Class 10, 8GB Micro SDHC memory card that was used to test the camera. Cards up to 32GB can be used with the Cube.

Several mounts are also available to assist you in different shooting situations. Shown above is the Cube's tripod mount. The camera just clips onto the mount, held by the shape of the camera.

The helmet mount looks very similar to the tripod mount. The camera even attaches in exactly the same way. The mount itself attaches by sticking to your helmet, so once it is placed, that is where it stays, unlike most other helmet mounts that strap on.

The suction-cup mount adds some more versatility to the camera, giving you a more secure mount. This mount can be placed on a car or other larger items. The case on top is also waterproof (shown below), which is great when you are around the water. It makes it safe and easy to place the camera on your boat or jet ski for some very unique angles.

Easily releasing from the suction cup mount, the waterproof case is easy to take anywhere you need. The back opens for the camera to slide in and out. The camera fits securely inside, so it is not rattling around during use. A rubber ring around the door seals tightly when the clasp is closed. The clasp is a little difficult to open, so you know it will not come undone during use.

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