Features & Controls (cont.)


pentax_q_back.jpgLocated on the back of the Pentax Q is a nice 3.0-inch, wide-view LCD screen. This is the only viewfinder, and is used to framing and viewing your photos and videos. This is a high-quality TFT display with 460k dots, along with brightness and color adjustments. It offers 100% frame coverage, Bright/Dark area warning, Histogram, and Grid Line options.

Pentax does offer an optional O-VF1 external optical viewfinder, which gives you approx. 905 frame coverage when mounted in the camera's hot shoe. The down side to using this unit is that you can not also attach an external speedlite/flash unit while using the O-VF1.

pentax_q_controls_back.jpgControls on the back include the control dial at the top, which also toggles the index and magnify options in playback. The operation of this dial depends on the current exposure mode, and it also allows you to quickly scroll through menus. Next up is the rear IR receiver for using an optional remote control, followed by the AV button. Pressing the AV button toggles exposure compensation and aperture values, depending on the mode you are currently using. Next is the movie record mode button, which also acts as the delete button in playback.

Op top of being used to navigate menus and the playback system, the 4-way controller also acts as a short cut menu in record mode. Pressing Up changes the ISO, Right enables/disables the self-timer, Down adjusts white balance, and Left toggles the flash mode. The available options will also depend on the mode being used.  Lastly we have the Info and Menu buttons. The Info button controls the LCD, and also brings up a graphical short cut menu to help you quickly change settings by hovering over a setting and rotating the control dial.     

pentax_q_IR.jpgLocated on the opposite side of the main controls you can see the Q's front IR (InfraRed) remote control receiver. You can purcahse one of two optional Remote Control shutter releases, the Remote Control F and Remote Control Waterproof O-RC1.  

Secure Digital Storage

pentax_q_sd.jpgLocated on the right hand side of the Q is a card slot that is compatible with any capacity SD, SDHC, or SDXC memory card. Shown here with a spacious and speedy Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-1 (45MB/s) 8GB SDHC memory card.

I/O Interfaces

pentax_q_io.jpgThe Q's I/O ports are located on the bottom of the camera, right next to the steel tripod socket. The port on the right is a multi-connector port that handles both A/V OUT (user- selectable NTSC or PAL) for output to a TV monitor as well as USB 2.0 (high-speed) connectivity for transferring files to your PC/Mac. To the left is a HDMI Type D accessory port for full HD output; with an optional cable. 

Power Source

pentax_q_battery.jpgThe battery compartment is on the opposite side of the memory card slot. Pentax has included a small D-LI68, 3.6V 1000mAh battery pack with the Q; which can only be inserted one way. They claim it has enough juice to power the Q for up to 230 shots using the flash 50% of the time, or 250 with no flash at all. They also include a handy AC charger, which charges the pack outside the camera using the included power cable. This means you can easily have a spare pack charged and ready at all times; something we highly recommend if your budget allows.


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