Optio W80

Optio W80

Features & Controls



The PENTAX Optio W80 features an internal 5X zoom lens that covers focal lengths from 5mm to 25mm (approximately 28mm to 140mm in 35mm format) and a refraction lens that never protrudes from the camera while zooming. This system allows the camera to capture a variety of scenes including expansive landscapes, architecture, and group photos in confined spaces as well as close-up telephoto shots of subjects. When combined with the intelligent digital zoom function (up to 6.25X) zoom magnification may be increased to 31.3X.

The built-in flash has modes for Auto, forced on (fill), forced off, redeye reduction, and soft flash. The working range at wide angle is approx. 13 ft wide., and telephoto is approx. 8.2 ft. (using ISO auto).


On top of the Optio W80 is the speaker, microphone, power button and the shutter release.

The 2.5 inch high-resolution (approximately 230,000 dots) LCD monitor features an Anti-Reflection coating to reduce reflective glare and be easily viewed even in bright sunlight. The monitor's wide viewing angle (about 170 degrees both horizontally and vertically) allows users to view images from nearly any angle.


Controls on the back: Top right is the zoom control, which also handles the zoom and index options in playback mode. Next is the Playback button for reviewing your images. The MENU button calls up or dismisses the onscreen menu system. The face button toggles the face priority on and off and also turns on the smile shutter mode. The 4-way selector switch is for navigating menu options, press the OK button in the center to accept selections. Press "Up" to change Drive modes in record, press "Down" to change the recording mode (see the next page for the modes available), press "Right" for focus modes and "Left" for flash modes. The Green button enters the Easy record mode, and you can also set a desired shortcut function to this button (ISO, white balance, contrast, etc.).

optio_w80_io.jpgBoth connecting the camera to a computer or printer and viewing your images and movies on a TV is done with the USB port under battery/memory card door.

optio_w80_sd.jpgImages and movies are recorded on a SD/SDHC memory card. The Optio W80 is shown here with a 4GB, SDHC Eye-Fi Pro card. This card allows you to connect your camera directly to a Wi-Fi network to upload your images directly from the camera.


The Optio W80 is powered by a D-LI78 proprietary 3.7 680mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery. Pentax claims a battery life of up to 170shots and a playback time of 180 minutes in accordance with CIPA measuring conditions. The battery is charged out of the camera with the provided AC charger.

optio_w80_accessories.jpgThe Optio W80 shown here with the optional Optio Floating Strap and Pentax camera case.

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