Pentax Optio P70 Review


Playback Modes & Menu Options

Pentax Optio P70

The Review button brings up the last image captured in full screen mode with some information overlaid. Pressing the OK button in the center of the 4-way controller toggles the amount of exposure information displayed with an image. Here you can see all of the display options. The extended information screen has icons for image size/quality, ISO, shutter speed and aperture used. Pressing 'down' on the 4-way controller brings up the Edit/Playback menu (shown below).

Pentax Optio P70

In playback the Wide Zoom control button brings up a 4 or 9 thumbnail index of all photos taken. You can now quickly search through the stored images and select one for full screen playback. Press it again and the calendar mode is displayed, allowing you to select your photographs by the date in which they were taken. From the Calendar mode, you can press the green button to enter the file folders and choose your images by folder.

Pentax Optio P70

Once you have a photo selected for full screen playback you can magnify an image up to 10x in various steps by pressing the telephoto zoom control. Now you can check the photo for critical focus, etc. and see if you need to re-shoot the subject or not. Using the 4-way selector allows you to move around inside the enlarged image.

Edit/Playback menu options:

    Slide show - Set up a slide show (Interval, Screen Effect, Sound Effect)
    Resize - Create an image with Lower Resolution and or Quality Level
    Cropping (Trimming) - Crop image to different size
    Copy Image & Sound - From internal memory to SD or MMC card
    Image rotation - rotates image for proper orientation
    Digital Filter - Digitally alter you images
    Frame Composite - Add decorative frames around your images
    Red-eye Compensation - Remove red-eye from your portraits
    Protect - Protect image from deletion; On or Off
    DPOF - Set DPOF printing information
    Favorites - Sets an image as a 'favorite'
    Image Recovery - Recover an image or sound file that was accidentally deleted

Pentax Optio P70

In camera resizing is achieved through just a few menu options. This is easier than trying to learn a photo editing software program and great for beginners.

Pentax Optio P70

Many times we look at photos we have taken and discover we did not do a good job at composing or maybe we took a bad photo but would like to salvage a portion of the image. Here you can see the CROP image option. Again, no need for a software program and a computer.

Pentax Optio P70

The rotate tool allows you to select an orientation on 90, 180 or 270 degrees from the original image.

Pentax Optio P70

Movies are played back in fullscreen mode in the camera with sound provided though the built-in speaker. You can play a movie frame by frame, pause, fast forward, or rewind with the 4-Way Selector.

Pentax Optio A30

Setup options:

    Sound - On/Off
    Date Adjust - Set Date/Time
    World Time - Select Time, Destination and Hometown
    Language - Set user Language
    Folder Name - Standard or Date
    USB Connection - PictBridge, PC
    Video Out - NTSC or PAL
    Brightness Level - Adjust LCD back light
    Power Saving - Off, 5sec, 15sec, 30sec, 1min, 2min
    Auto Power Off - Off, 3min. or 5min.
    Reset - Restore settings to factory Default
    Delete All Images - Deletes all the images from memory
    Format - Format the SD card

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