Pentax Optio 30 Review

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Pentax Optio 30

Record Screens & Menus

(Note: The Optio 30 does not have Audio/Video out capabilities, so we are showing screen captures from the Optio 33L. Some menus and options may vary).

This is the screen display when in the Program mode with the shutter release half-pressed. The green AF target marks in the center indicate a good autofocus lock, they turn red when the auto focus fails. The shutter speed and aperture are displayed as well as the battery level icon.

Pentax Optio 30

You can enable a real time histogram display in record mode.

Pentax Optio 30

Record menu:

    Resolution - 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1024x768 or 640x480
    Quality Level - Three (Best), Two (Better) or One (Good) "stars"
    White Balance - Auto, Sunny, Shade, Incandescent, Fluorescent
    Focusing Area - Wide (default) or Spot
    AE Metering - Matrix, Center-weighted or Spot
    Sensitivity - Auto or fixed at 50, 100, 200, 400

    Digital Zoom - On or Off
    Instant Review - 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 secs or Off Memory - Memorize settings between power on and off
    Sharpness - Settings for minus, normal, plus
    Saturation - Settings for minus, normal, plus
    Contrast - Settings for minus, normal, plus

Pentax Optio 30

Press the Focus mode button 3 times to enter the Manual Focus mode. A sliding scale is shown on the LCD. While you are adjusting the distance the display is enlarged so you can visually "see" the focus change.

Pentax Optio 30

You can record motion video at 320 x 240 or 160 x 120 (15fps), the length is limited only by the capacity of the media. Movie clips are stored as standard Windows AVI format video files. There is no microphone so the Optio 30 does not have the ability to record audio with movies.

Pentax Optio 30

The Optio 30 has a very respectable macro focus range (0.79 in. to 1.97 ft), the actual focus range is dependant on the setting of the zoom which is fully useable while in macro mode.

Pentax Optio 30

The Setup menu (same in record and play) lets you format the CF card, enable or disable the beep sounds when buttons are pushed, set the date style, change the date and or time, set the world time zone, change the menu language and change the display mode to: information (normal), no information, live histogram or add a grid.

Page two of the Setup menu lets you set screen effects, background color, set the Sleep timeout value (90s, 1m, 2m), LCD brightness or Reset to factory defaults.

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