Pentax K20D SLR Review

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Camera Features:
Flash, Viewfinder and Metering

Built in Pop-up Flash

The built-in retractable P-TTL popup flash unit is easy to operate, just press the release button (the lightening bolt icon on the right in the photo) when the flash is required - the flash does not pop up automatically. It has a Guide number of 13 (100/m) with an approximate 28mm wide angle (equivalent to 35mm) coverage . Flash modes available are On, Redeye, Slow sync, Slow sync + Redeye, Trailing curtain sync and Wireless. Flash exposure compensation is 2 to +1 EV in 1/2 steps.

The K20D supports various external flash units: the Hot Shoe is type (P-TTL, high speed sync available), Wireless with PENTAX dedicated flash, X-Sync socket; Synchronization speed - 1/180s. When using the PC socket for shooting with studio lights the camera remains weather and dust sealed - even when the PC socket cap is removed.

PENTAX P-TTL External Flashes

PENTAX AF200FG auto flash unit


Compact design with a guide number of 20 (at ISO 100/m); Simple mode dial operation offers P-TTL with pre-flash to assure proper exposure; Flash exposure compensation can be set to -0.5 and -1 EV in P-TTL mode through dial; Full manual mode for more creative control; Flash coverage for focal lengths as wide as 28mm (in the 35mm format); Built-in, flip down diffuser covers focal lengths down to 24mm (in the 35mm format)

PENTAX AF360FGZ auto flash unit


This auto flash unit features a large guide number of 30 (at ISO100/m). This clip-on, bounce auto-zoom flash provides a variety of advanced flash applications, including P-TTL auto flash, high-speed synchronization and wireless P-TTL auto flash, when mounted on a PENTAX digital SLR camera.

PENTAX AF540FGZ auto flash unit


The AF540FGZ auto flash unit features a guide number of 54 (at ISO100/m). This clip-on, twist/tilt, auto-zoom flash provides a variety of advanced flash applications, including P-TTL auto flash, high-speed synchronization and wireless P-TTL auto flash, when mounted on a PENTAX digital SLR camera

PENTAX Off-Camera Shoe Adapter F

PENTAX Off-Camera Shoe Adapter F

The Off Camera Shoe Adapter F provides an F5P socket to your off-camera flash unit. It allows you to attach an F5P cord to an off-camera flash that doesn't have a built-in F5P socket of its own. The adapter also has a threaded tripod mount on its base, should you wish to mount your off-camera flash to a tripod stand.



The pentaprism viewfinder in the K20D is designed to give you the best view while composing your image. The viewfinder gives a 95 percent field of view and 0.95X magnification so you can see as much of the image as possible before capture. The standard focusing screen is the Natural-Bright-Matte II with a diopter adjustment of -2.5 to 1.5 and depth of field preview. The Live View offers a 100% field of view and a 4x/8x magnification and grid pattern are available. Around the viewfinder is a soft rubber eyepiece (Eyecup FP) that fits comfortably against your face or eyeglasses. PENTAX offers two optional focusing screens for the K20D to replace the standard screen. The LI-80 AF Scale Matte Focusing Screen provides a scale to verify subject placement for critical applications. And the LL-80 AF Divided Matte Focusing Screen combines the focus area brackets with a grid to assure proper composition.


The viewfinder display shows you all pertinent shooting information including the AF frame, Spot AF frame, AF Point, Shake Reduction, Flash status, Shutter speed, aperture value, Focus indicator, Manual focus, EV bar, EV compensation, Flash exposure compensation, AE lock, ISO sensitivity warning and Number of recordable images/EV compensation/Confirm sensitivity.

Exposure Metering


Here is the layout of the 16-segment multi-pattern metering system: type - TTL open-aperture, 16 segment metering with a sensitivity range of EV 0-21 (ISO 100, 50mm f/1.4). It offers Center weighted and Spot metering with Exposure compensation [ +/- 3EV (1/2 steps), +/- 2EV (1/3 steps) ], Exposure lock, and Exposure bracketing [ 3 or 5 frames, up to +/- 2EV (1/2 or 1/3 steps) ].

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