Pentax K2000 SLR Review

Body Construction

(Image from the Pentax K-m)

The stainless steel and reinforced plastic chassis is incredibly light and strong, allowing the body to weigh in at just 18.5 oz. without a memory card or batteries. The size and weight are very comfortable for shooting, holding and transporting the camera.

Shake Reduction

Pentax K2000

The Shake Reduction (SR) system is integrated into the camera body and is independent of the lens in use. At the moment of exposure the compensating movement of the image sensor provides blur-free pictures. The advantage is obvious: you may increase your handheld shooting by 2.5 to 4 stops. Compatible with every Pentax lens ever made.

CCD Image Sensor

Pentax K2000

Over 30 patents have been filed for this SR system, which uses a ball bearing mounted oscillator unit with four electromagnets that hold the free-floating image sensor. Angular velocity sensors detect camera movement and relay the amount of compensation necessary to the electromagnets that move the sensor to compensate for any shake.

CCD Image Sensor

Pentax K2000

The K2000's 23.5 x 15.7 mm CCD image sensor records photos with a resolution of up to 10.2 megapixels. This is enough for you to produce astounding enlargements without difficulty. The high resolution sensor also allows photos to be cropped so that your composition may be perfected.

PRIME Image Processing

Pentax K2000

PENTAX created the PRIME (PENTAX Real IMage Engine) system to match the performance requirements of higher resolution sensors. The PRIME engine converts the digital signal into the image you desire by assuring truer color tones, a wider dynamic range, and natural looking high ISO images. PRIME strives to provide results similar to what you see shooting with film.

Dust Removal System

The Dust Removal system on the K200D is a marvel of technology. The surface of the low pass filter is sealed with a nanotechnology-based fluorine coating so dust has a difficult time adhering to the sensor surface. Any dust that remains is shaken off when the SR system shifts the CCD at high speed. The dust that is shaken off the CCD, then falls onto an adhesive sheet eliminating any possibility of its returning to the CCD surface. Dust spots are now a thing of the past, along with annoying and time consuming retouch work.

5-Point TTL AF System

The K2000's TTL phase-matching 5 point wide autofocus system (SAFOX), allows you to select the focus point (spot focus), or you can allow the camera to choose the optimum focus point (wide focus). It also allows you to choose between focusing the camera on one spot (AF-S) or continuously on the subject (AF-C).

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