Record Screens & Menus



Pressing the INFO button while in capture mode displays a screen full of settings and parameters currently in use. Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, EV Compensation, AF point mode, Flash mode, Image Size/Quality, etc.


Pressing the INFO button again brings up this shortcut menu, which allows you to toggle settings like Highlight/Shadow correction, HDR mode, Shake Reduction, AF mode, etc.

pentax_K-r_mode_dial_anim.gifTurning the Mode Dial to select another exposure mode will cause the color LCD to briefly display the screens show above. This function can be disabled by turning Guide Display off in the Setup menu.


The 4-way controller is also used for more than selecting and navigating menus. In rec mode, each button is a shortcut to frequently used camera settings: (up)Drive mode, (right)ISO, (down)Flash, and (left)White balance.

pentax_K-r_custom_color_menu.gifThe K-r also has a Custom Image menu to adjust settings such as color and contrast before shooting an image. You can choose from Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Muted, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, and Monochrome. You can also alter each of these pre-sets to create your own custom set.

Record Menu Options


    • Custom Image - Adjust colors before snapping
    • File Format - JPEG, RAW, RAW+JPEG
    • JPEG Rec. Pixels - 12M, 10M, 6M, 2M
    • JPEG Quality -  *** Best, ** Better, * Good
    • AF Mode - AF.A, AF.S, AF.C
    • AE Metering - select metering icon
    • Select AF Point - Auto 5, 11, or 1 and 12 points
    • Cross Processing - Off or select any
    • Digital Filter - Off, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Extract Color, Soft, etc.
    • HDR Capture - Off, Auto, Standard, Strong
    • Multi-exposure - Choose Multi-exposure settings (Number of shots Auto EV Adjustment on or off)
    • Interval Shooting - Setup up the camera to automatically capture images at a set interval (aka intervalometer)
    • High-ISO Noise Reduction - applies noise reduction at high ISO settings
    • Slow Shutter Speed Noise Reduction - Auto, On, Off
    • Movie - Set movie mode settings (Size, Quality, Sound, Aperture Control, Shake Reduction)
    • Live View - Choose the settings used during Live View (Info Overlay, Show Grid, Histogram, Bright/Dark Area, Autofocus Mode)
    • Instant Review - On or Off;Choose Display Time, etc.
    • D-Range Setting - Choose the Highlight/Shadow Correction settings
    • Lens Correction - Enable/Disable Distortion or Lat-Chromatic-Ab Adj
    • Color Space - Select sRGB or AdobeRGB
    • RAW file format - PEF or DNG
    • Green Button - assign a function to this button
    • AF/AE-L Button - select what function this button operates
    • Memory - Set the parameters to be 'remembered' from power off to power on
    • Shake Reduction - On, Off

Custom Settings


    • EV Steps - 1/2 or 1/3
    • Sensitivity Steps - 1 EV Steps, As EV Steps
    • Expanded Sensitivity - On or Off
    • Meter Operating Time - 10 sec, 3 sec, or 30 sec
    • AE-L with AF locked - Off or On
    • Link AE to AF Point - Off or On
    • Auto Bracketing order - 0-+, -0+, +0-, 0+-
    • Superimpose AF Area - On or Off
    • AF S Setting - focus or release priority
    • AF C Setting - focus or FPS priority
    • AF Assit Light - On or Off
    • WB When Using Flash - Auto, Unchanged, Flash
    • AWB in Tungsten Light - Subtle or Strong Correction
    • AF with remote control - Off or On
    • Remote Control in Bulb - Mode 1 or 2
    • Release While Charging - select if shutter will release while flash is charging
    • Flash in Wireless Mode - on or off
    • Saving Rotation Info - on or off
    • Save Menu Location - reset or save
    • Catch-in Focus - on or off
    • AF Fine Adjustment - On or Off
    • Using aperture ring - Prohibited or Permitted

Here you can see the Live View display when using Program mode.

pentax_K-r_rec_info_lvmode_anim.gifPressing the INFO button will enter into the AF point zoom display option you see above. Continue to press the INFO button to increase the magnification.

Here you can see the K-r in movie mode.

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