Features & Controls (cont.)


pentax_K-r_top_controls.jpgAbove we show the controls that are mounted on the top right hand side of the K-r. At the top you will find the shutter release with the on/off switch wrapped around it. Below that is the Av button that gives you access to exposure compensation and aperture values. To the right of the Av is the custom (green) button that can be assigned to perform a certain function. The Mode Dial will set the camera into any selected capture mode; Auto Picture, SCeNe, Movie, Program, Sv (Sensitivity Priority), Tv (Shutter speed priority), Av (Aperture priority), Manual, no Flash, Night Portrait, Sports, Macro/Close-up, Landscape, and Portrait.

pentax_K-r_back_controls.jpgHere you can see the main group of controls on the back of the K-r. At the top is the main control dial, which serves many purposes depending on the exposure mode being used. In playback, it controls the Index and magnify functions. To the right of that we have the AF/AE-L (Auto Exposure-Lock) button, that will lock exposure values or focus in on the target. Next is the Play button that sends the camera to the last recorded video or image.  The LV (Live View) button enables the LV function, which allows you to use the back monitor as the main viewfinder. The INFO button will scroll through different information displays in playback mode, however in record mode it serves several purposes. When using Live View it magnifies the AF point by 2, 4, or 6x so you can see exactly what you are focusing on. When in normal record mode, the INFO button brings up the Shooting information display, and enters the shortcut menu option when pressed a second time. The 4-way pad lets you navigate menus and select images during playback. Press "Up" to change the Drive mode, "Right" toggles ISO settings, "Down" modifies the Flash mode, and "Left" accesses the White Balance settings. In the center is the OK button, which accepts menu selections and changes the AF point when using the AF point function. Last is the Menu button that takes you to all camera menus and the 4-way pad will navigate you through all selections.


On the front next to the lens is the MF/AF selector button that lets you quickly change from auto focus to manual focus.


Images are stored on any size SD, SDHC, or SDXC flash memory card. We show the K-r with a SanDisk Extreme (Class 10) 4GB SDHC memory card.

Approximate storage capacities

The charts above shows approximate storage capacities at various resolutions.


This is the only I/O port on the K-r, and is located on the left hand side of the grip. This is the combination port for USB 2.0(high speed) and A/V out (selectable NTSC or PAL formats) cables. This port also acts as the in/out infrared connection port (IrSimple).


The K-r is powered by a rechargeable D-LI109 7.4v 1050mAh Lithium-ion battery pack, which is charged with the included D-BC109 AC rapid charger. You can also use 4 AA batteries, whether lithium, NiMH rechargeable, or Alkaline type. Pentax claims that you can capture up to 560 still images without flash, or approximately 470 shots using the flash 50% of the time, or take 300 minutes of video using the battery included with the K-r. However using 4 AA batteries will almost double the number of images that can be snapped and double the video time also.

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