Features & Controls



Pentax equipped its K-r with a bayonet (KAF2) stainless steel lens mount. This is compatible with all KAF3, KAF2, KAF, and KA mount lenses offered by Pentax and other lens manufactures. The K-r has an electronically controlled, vertical run, focal plane shutter, that offers shutter speeds from 1/6000 to 30 seconds with a Bulb setting available.

Built in Pop-up Flash

pentax_K-r_flash.jpgThe K-r has a built-in, auto/manual P-TTL pop-up flash unit. Pressing the UP (lightning bolt) button on the back of the camera will open it manually. It has a Guide number of 12 (100/m) or 16 (200/m), with an approximate 28mm wide angle (equivalent to 35mm) coverage . Flash modes available are On, Off, Redeye, Slow sync, Slow sync with trailing curtain, Slow sync with Redeye, and Wireless. Flash exposure compensation is 2 to +1 EV in 1/2 steps.

The Hotshoe (seen in the below photo) allows you to use various external flash units with the K-r. Depending on the model being used, the K-r can utilize several flash mode options, including P-TTL auto flash, wireless flash, and high-speed or slow-speed sync. It has a flash sync speed of 1/180s.


pentax_K-r_viewfinder.jpgThe K-r comes equipped with a Pentamirror viewfinder, which offers approximately 96% frame coverage or field of view, 0.85x (w 50mm F1.4 at infinity) magnification, DOF preview and diopter adjustment of -2.5 to 1.5. It utilizes Pentax's Natural-Bright-Matte III focusing screen, along with their FR eyecup. Pentax also offers optional focusing screens, and the O-ME53 magnified eyecup.

  1. AF Frame
  2. Spot Metering frame
  3. AF Point
  4. Flash Status
  5. Picture Mode Icon
  6. Shake Reduction
  7. Shutter Speed
  8. Aperture Value
  9. Focus Indicator
  10. Number of Recorder Images/ EV compensation Values
  11. Focus Mode
  12. AE Lock

Exposure Metering

pentax_k-r_metering.jpgThe K-r boasts a TTL (open-aperture) 16-segment metering system, with a sensitivity range of EV 1-21.5 (ISO 200, 50mm F1.4). You can choose from Multi-segment, Center weighted and Spot metering. Other options include Exposure compensation (± 3EV in 1/2 or 1/3 EV steps), Exposure lock, and Exposure bracketing (3 frames, up to ±1.5EV in 1/2 or ±1.0 in 1/3 steps).

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