Features & Controls

The TS1's internal zoom lens keeps it protected and water tight at all times. 9 elements and a prism are arranged in 8 groups to create this 4.6x optical zoom with a 35mm equivalent of 28-128mm. With apertures from F3.3(W)-5.9(T) and Panasonic's MEGA O.I.S., you should not have any trouble shooting in most lighting conditions without a tripod or flash.

Focus Range:
Normal: 1ft. (30cm) - ∞
Macro: 0.17ft. (5cm)(W) / 1ft. (30cm)(T) - ∞

Panasonic's built-in flash has an excellent range for such a small flash, ranging from 1ft. (30cm) up to 16.7ft. (5.1m) at ISO auto. To go along with just turning the flash on and off, there is auto, auto with red-eye reduction, red-eye reduction and slow sync. modes as well. To the right of the flash is the camera's LED light. This works as a focus assist light as well as macro and video recording light.

Framing and viewing your images is done on the camera's 2.7-inch, 230,000 dot LCD screen. The screen has a power mode which increases the brightness of the LCD significantly. This can be turned on and off or put into auto mode for the camera to decide when to turn it on.

On top of the camera from left to right you can see the camera's built-in speaker for movie playback, the power button and finally the zoom control and shutter release. This zoom control has a different feel to it than most other cameras with a coupled or rocker button control, but once you get used to it, it works very well.


Controls on the back: At the top right is the mode dial, followed by the Playback and dedicated video record button underneath it. The 4-way controller in Record mode toggles the flash mode when pressed 'Right.' When pressed 'Up' it adjusts exposure compensation, 'Left' to activate the Self-timer and press 'Down' to enable Marco focus mode. In Playback mode the 4-way selector is used to select images and in both record and play is used to navigate the menu screens. The MENU/Set button calls up and dismisses the menu system as well as accepts menu selections. The DISPLAY button toggles the amount of overlay information shown on the LCD. The Q.MENU button gives you access to the shortcut menu in record mode, and acts as the image delete option in playback mode.


The input and output ports all the camera to be connected to a camera or standard television through the camera's digital multi-port. To play back your recorded HD movies on an HDTV, Panasonic has also included a HDMI output for quick and easy, plug and play viewing.

Images can be recorded to either the camera's internal 40MB of memory, or to a SD, SDHC or Multimedia Card. The camera is shown here with a Lexar Pro 133x, 2GB SD card. A chart of the approx. storage capacities is shown below.

Approx. Storage Capacities:

Powering the TS1 is a 3.6V, 940mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Panasonic claims that this battery is capable of producing approx. 340 images on a single charge.

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