Playback Screens & Menus


Pressing the green Play button will take the camera into playback mode, which brings up the last image or video that was captured. These images can be viewed with varying amounts of shooting information. Pressing the Display button will scroll through the different screen shots shown above.

Using the zoom toggle to the Wide end will bring up an index of the stored images by creating thumbnails for you to look through. The DMC-LX5 allows you to see 12 or 30 images at a time. You can also select your images by the date they were taken through the calendar screen.

Using the Zoom toggle toward the telephoto end allows you to zoom in on your images from 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x. You can use the 4-way pad to navigate through your image once you have zoomed in.


Playback Menu:
  • Calendar - Select your images based on the date taken
  • Title Edit - Add a title to one or several images
  • Video Divide - Crop and edit movies on the camera
  • Text Stamp - Single or Multi
  • Resize - Create a smaller copy of an image
  • Cropping - Allows you to crop your images inside the camera
  • Leveling - Allows you to slightly adjust the orientation of the image to level your subject
  • Rotate Disp. - Turn auto rotate of the display on or off
  • Favorite - Off, On, Cancel
  • Print Set - Single or Multi
  • Protect - Protect one or multi images to protect from deletion
  • Face Rec Edit - Replace or Delete
  • Copy - Copy images from the memory card to the internal memory and visa versa

Playback Mode Menu:
  • Normal Play - Shows you one image at a time
  • Slide Show - Allows you to play all captured, pictures only, movies only or select a category to play back
  • Mode Play - Choose what to play back by Picture, AVCHD or Motion JPEG
  • Category Play - Allows you to just play back the images that are listed under a category

The leveling feature allows you to slightly adjust the orientation of the image in order to "level" an object in your image. This way you can always end up with a straight and level shot.

Movie playback is very easy no matter how you go about it. The controls are the same for playback on the LCD, on a TV via the AV cable or on an HDTV with a HDMI cable. Using the 4-way controller, you can play, pause, stop, or search forward and back one frame at a time.

Camera Setup Menu:

  • Clock Set - Set the time and date
  • World Time - Set Home and Destination (if traveling) time zones
  • Travel Date - Set date of travel
  • Beep - Changes the volume of several of the camera settings
  • Volume - Internal speaker volume control
  • CUST. SET MEM. - Allows you to set and clear the 3 custom settings
  • Fn Button Set - Choose a function for the Fn button
  • LCD Mode - Off, Auto Power LCD, Power LCD
  • Display Size - Change the font size from standard to large
  • Guide Line - Set Rec. Info (On/Off), Histogram (On/Off), and grid lines pattern
  • Histogram - Turn on a histogram
  • Movie Rec. Area - On or Off
  • Remaining Display - Set the display for the number of images left or recording time left
  • Highlight - On or Off
  • Lens Resume - Allows the lens and manual focus to return to the last setting when the camera is turned back on
  • MF Assist - Off, MF1, MF2
  • Economy - Sleep Mode, Reduces the brightness of LCD to save battery power (Level 1 or 2)
  • Play On LCD - On or Off
  • Auto Review - Auto review after capture (off, 1s, 2s, Hold)
  • Start Mode - choose playback or rec. mode when powered on
  • No. Reset - Reset file numbering counter
  • Reset - Reset all settings to factory default
  • USB Mode - PC Mass Storage / PictBridge
  • TV Aspect - Choose 4:3 or 16:9
  • HDMI Mode - Auto, 1080i, 720p, 480p
  • VIERA Link - On or Off
  • Scene Menu - Auto or Off
  • Menu Resume - On or Off
  • User's Name Rec. - Off, On, Set
  • Version Disp. - Firmware version
  • Format - Format the memory card
  • Language - Choose the menu language
  • Demo Mode - See demo of camera movement, or the auto demo

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