Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the Playback button brings up the last image captured in full screen mode. This is also what you will see after shooting a picture if the Preview option is enabled. By pressing the display button you can change the amount and type of information that is displayed about the current photograph. There is also a screen that displays 4 separate histograms for Red Green Blue and Yellow. Above you can see the standard information that is offered when you enter playback mode.

Rotating the control dial to the left will bring up an index of the pictures on the camera. It starts with a view of 12 thumbnails. Rotating it again will give you 30, and a third time will bring up a calendar, allowing you to select your pictures by the date in which they were taken.

Rotating the thumb dial to the right will allow you to magnify or zoom in on an image. The camera will zoom to 2x, 4x, 8x, and 16x. While you are zoomed in you can move around the photograph by using the 4-way directional buttons.


Play Menu:

  • Slide Show - Runs an in-camera slide show that can be hooked up to a TV for external viewing without a computer
  • Playback mode - Normal, Picture, AVCHD, Motion JPEG, Category
  • Favorite - On, Off, Cancel
  • Title Edit - Add a text comment to your photos
  • Text Stamp - Include a date/time, age, travel date or title stamp onto your photos
  • Resize - Allows you to resize an image inside the camera
  • Trimming - Allows you to crop an image inside the camera
  • Aspect Conversion - 3:2, 4:3, 1:1 (this option can only be used on 16:9 aspect photos)
  • Rotate - Allows you to rotate a picture inside the camera
  • Rotate Display - On or Off
  • Print Set - Choose the DPOF (Direct Print Order Format) settings for direct printing
  • Protect - Single or Multi
  • Audio Dub. - Add a short audio clip to your photos (max. 10 seconds)
  • Face Recognition Edit - Clears all Face Recognition information from an image

Resize allows you to make a smaller copy of an image that you have already captured. This is a great way to save or free some space on a memory card. It is also an easy way to make smaller copies for email or posting to the web.

Rotate changes the orientation on the image by 90° at a time. Again this is an easy way to make changes without having to edit the image on a computer.

Trimming or cropping allows you to use the zoom feature to select a smaller portion of the image and save it as a new one. This is also much easier than doing it on a computer, but you do not have as much control.

Playback of your movies can be done either on the camera's LCD screen or on a TV or HDTV via the camera's HDMI and AV outputs. VCR/DVR-like controls allow you to stop, play and go frame by frame through the movies. When viewing on the LCD screen, the camera's built-in speaker will handle the audio for you.


Setup Menu:

  • Clock Set - Set the cameras internal clock
  • World Time - Allows you to set your home time but still see the different times from around the world
  • Travel date - Set the departure/return date for your vacation
  • Fn button set - Film Mode (default), Aspect Ratio, Quality, Metering Mode, I.Exposure
  • Economy - Toggle Power Save and Auto LCD Off settings
  • Auto Review - Review: Off, 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec, Hold - Zoom: Off, 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec
  • Highlight - Off or On
  • Monitor - Adjust the brightness of the monitor
  • LCD Mode - Off, Auto adjust, Manual adjust
  • Scene Menu - Auto or Off
  • Beep - Off, Low, High
  • Volume - Control the volume of camera sounds (7 levels)
  • Number Reset - Yes or No
  • Reset - Resets camera to original defaults
  • USB Mode - Select on Connection, PC, PictBridge (PTP)
  • TV Aspect - 4:3 or 16:9
  • HDMI mode - Auto, 1080i, 720p or 480p
  • VIERA Link - Enable remote control via VIERA Link using the HDMI mini cable
  • Version Display - Tells the current version of the firmware for the Body and Lens
  • Language - Choose from 4 different languages
  • Format - Format the memory card

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