Playback Screens & Menus


When you flip the switch to playback mode, the camera will take you to the last image captured. By pressing the DISPplay button on the back, you can change the amount of information displayed about the photograph, including no information for viewing on an external source.


Toggling the zoom lever to the Wide angle position brings up the thumbnail index mode with 12 images displayed per page. Continue to press the control and you can bring up 30 images per page or the Calendar index. This allows you to quickly sort though saved images.


The image can be magnified up to 16x in 4 steps by pressing the telephoto zoom button. Once the image is enlarged at any step, you can move around inside of it using the 4-way selector buttons.


Playback Menu Options:

  • Calendar - Takes you to the Calendar index
  • Title Edit - Give the photo or movie a title
  • Text Stamp - Add shooting date, age, travel date, or title to the picture
  • Resize - Make the image smaller inside the camera
  • Trimming - Allows you to crop your photos inside the camera
  • Rotate Display - On or Off
  • Favorite - Display files marked favorite only; On, Off, Cancel
  • Print Set - Choose DPOF settings
  • Protect - Single or Multi
  • Copy - Copy images back and forth from the memory card to the internal memory

Movies are played back full screen on the LCD or a television set if the audio/video cable is connected. The 4-way controller is used to Pause, Fast-forward, and Rewind, making video playback simple.


Setup Menu (same in record or play mode):

  • Clock Set - Set the time and date
  • World Time - Set Home and Destination (if traveling) time zones
  • Travel Date - Set the departure date or the travel destination of the vacation in advance
  • Beep - Changes the volume of several of the camera settings
  • Volume - Internal speaker volume control
  • Monitor - Adjust the EVF brightness
  • LCD Mode - Off, Auto Power LCD, Power LCD, High Angle
  • Display Size - Standard or Large
  • Focus Icon - Allows you to customize the focus icon
  • Economy - Reduces the brightness of LCD to save battery power (Level 1 or 2)
  • Auto Review - Auto review after capture (off, 1s, 2s, Hold, Zoom)
  • No. Reset - Reset file numbering counter
  • Reset - Reset all settings to factory default
  • USB Mode - PC Mass Storage / PictBridge
  • TV Aspect - Choose 4:3 or 16:9
  • Scene Menu - Display scene menu Automatically when selected or never
  • Version DISP - View the firmware version
  • Format - Format the memory card
  • Language - Menu language; English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Japanese
  • Demo Mode - See demo of camera movement, or the auto demo

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