Playback Screens & Menus

Pressing the playback button on the back of the camera enters it into playback mode, where you can see all of the images that are stored on the camera's SD card. Pressing the INFO button on the back of the camera allows you to change the amount of information on the LCD screen. From no info to a full color histogram is available.

Pushing the zoom lever to the wide end takes you to the index mode. Here you can search through thumbnails of the images stored on the SD card to make your search for that perfect image faster.

Pushing the zoom lever the other way allows you to zoom in on an image up to 14x. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to scroll around the image. This is a great way to check your focus and see all of the small details without using a computer.

Playback Menu:
  • Slide show - Begin automated slide show playback changing every 2-10 seconds with all files, stills only, or movie
  • Rotate - Change the orientation of the image
  • Edit - Enters the Edit menu, shown above
  • Print Order - Store print reservation information (# of prints, date/time) to send images to a DPOF-compatible photo lab or DPOF-compatible printer
  • Reset Protect - Protect images from accidental erasure
  • Connection to Smartphone - Allows you to view images on a smartphone or tablet

All of the JPEG images that you capture can be edited on camera: Shadow Adjust, Redeye Fix, Crop, Aspect, Resize, and e-Portrait.

The camera allows you to play back your recorded movies on the camera's LCD screen. You can also play them back on a TV or HDTV with one of the optional A/V or HDMI cables.

Setup Menu:
  • Time and Date - Set the camera's clock
  • World Timer - Set the location around the world in which you are shooting
  • Language - Choose the Menu language
  • Monitor Brightness - Adjust LCD brightness and color temperature
  • Rec View - View on LCD after capture: Auto, Off, 1 - 20 seconds
  • Play Button Power On - Allows the camera to be turned on directly into playback mode by pressing the playback button
  • Firmware - Display firmware revision number

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