Playback Screens & Menus

Please excuse the quality of these screen captures. Due to a malfunction with our screen capture device, we had to photograph the camera's LCD.

Playback of still images displays in one of three ways, which you alternate by pressing upward on the four-way mini joystick. Pictured above is an image with date/time stamp and sequence number (such as 16 of 16) displayed. You also can select to have this data hidden and view only the image.

Olympus TG-810 menu playback.jpg
The third option for image playback is to view a reduced-size image flanked by its histogram and camera settings.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu movie play.jpg
Movie playback offers five modes: Normal, Fast-Forward, Reverse, Frame-by-Frame, and Voice Playback.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu playback edit.jpg
When in Playback mode, pressing the dedicated Menu button takes you to the Playback menu, which includes an Edit selection that takes you to a list of options including image resize, crop, and saturation adjustment. This applies to still images only; if you were viewing a movie, the edit menu will take you to the previous still image.

In addition, there is a Slideshow mode, and the ability to rotate or protect images, and add voice playback. The Photo Surfing mode attempts to find pictures with related items.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu playback edit-redeye fix.jpg
The Edit menu also allows you to apply a few effects and fixes, such as Redeye fix. The Landmark option applies to images taken with GPS turned on, and this menu allows you to change the information about the building or location in the photo.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu playback edit-beauty fix.jpg
Another editing option, called Beauty Fix, allows you to apply one or all of three adjustments: Clear Skin, Sparkle Eye, and Dramatic Eye. The first effect applies a blurring effect to skin like the Beauty shooting mode. The last two hardly made a perceptible change to my images, but Sparkle Eye is meant to give that appealing glint to dull-looking eyes by increasing the contrast, and Dramatic Eye enlarges the eyes.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu playback zoom.jpg
Using the zoom control, you can zoom in on an image up to a 10x enlargement. This is accomplished by pressing the zoom toggle to the telephoto position.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu playback index12.jpg
Zooming out with the zoom control switches from viewing a single image to an index display of 12 images.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu playback index30.jpg
Pressing the zoom control again increases the number of photos in the index to 30.

Olympus TG-810 menu help home.jpg
The help button (designated with a ?) brings up this main menu with six options. The first, Search By Purpose, leads to tips organized under general topics such as shooting, viewing, editing and printing.

Olympus TG-810 menu search blurry pics.jpg
The second option under the main help menu, Search for a Solution, offers a list of common problems, followed by helpful tips. For example, selecting the first item, Blurry Pictures, brings up six possible situations to troubleshoot. The first one, however, is a bit too brief to be helpful for newbies: "Out of Focus: Position" offers only this simple explanation: "To focus on an aimed area, Spot AF is effective."

Olympus TG-810 menu search by situation.jpg
The second option in the help menu, Search by Situation, leads to this menu offering tips for a variety of shooting scenarios. Not all of these truly amount to tips, and are only applicable if you were born yesterday. To wit, selecting "Shoot Scenery" and then "Landscape Mode" leads to an unhelpful statement that landscape mode "is suitable for taking pictures of a wide area or of distant scenery." Toggling right with the mini-joystick offers the option Try It Out, which takes you to the mode, as well as Learn The Operation; but this last selection merely explains that selecting SCN and Landscape will start Landscape Mode. Other menu selections also link to more details (for example, how face detection works) and explanations of related functions.

Olympus TG-810 menu featured functions.jpg
Using the Learn About the Camera selection from the main help menu brings you to three options: featured functions, basic how-to, and tips. The featured functions option (pictured above) offers information on eight features. Display the location, for example, explains how to turn on this GPS feature so the camera shows the names of landmarks, based on your location.

Olympus Tough TG-810 menu main.jpg
The main setup menu includes seven pages of adjustable settings.

Olympus TG-810 menu T3.jpg
Among the TG-810's settings is the manometer, for which you enter your current altitude or water depth (for those of you inclined to tinker with camera settings while already scuba diving). This is also where you turn the GPS on or off. Also, you can enable here a feature called Tap Control, which could come in handy when you're wearing gloves in the snow or underwater, or otherwise disinclined to use the small buttons on the back panel : It allows you to tap the side, top, and back of the camera to navigate and make menu selections.

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