Record Screens & Menus

Intelligent Auto (iAuto) takes all of the guess work out of shooting. The camera will take care of all of the settings, including choosing the appropriate scene mode if one is available. This allows you to just point-n-shoot and not worry about the outcome.

Program mode is another automatic shooting mode, which allows you to easily just point-n-shoot, but it also gives a little control over your images. Settings like the ISO and White Balance are yours to control. The camera will not choose a scene mode either, so there will be no scene settings applied to the images.

For specific shooting situations, you may manually choose a scene mode with the camera's Scene shooting mode. This makes sure that you get the mode you want in a difficult situation.

Pressing left on the 4-way controller gives you access to the quick menu which is shown on the right side of the LCD. Once you have selected it, you can scroll up and down to access the different settings. Left and right will then allow you to change them. Some of the settings, such as the WB shown above will give you example windows of how the setting will change the image.

Record Menu:
  • Reset - Changes the settings back to the camera's default
  • Compression - Fine, Normal
  • Shadow adjust - Auto, On, Off
  • AF mode - Face/iESP, Spot, AF Tracking
  • ESP/Spot - ESP, spot
  • Digital zoom - On, Off
  • Image stabilizer - On, Off, While Exposing
  • AF illumination - On, Off
  • Recording view - On, Off
  • Picture orientation - On, Off
  • Icon guide - On, Off
  • Date stamp - On, Off
  • Super Res Zoom - Enlarges the image without taking away from the image quality

The Stylus SZ-16 also features a Panorama shooting mode, allowing you to just press the shutter release and pan the camera while it captures the images and stitches them together for you.

Movie recording menu:
  • Image size - 1080p, 720p, VGA, HS 120fps, HS 240fps
  • IS Movie mode - Off, On
  • Audio recording - Off, On
  • Wind Noise Setting - Reduces wind noise

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