Playback Screens & Menus


Olympus SZ-12_playback.jpgThe default playback view shows no camera settings information. The 460,000-dot resolution of the LCD is good enough to display sharp details and vivid colors.

Olympus SZ-12_playback2.jpgPressing upward on the four-way control (labeled "info") adds basic information to the playback display: date/time and image number.

Olympus SZ-12_playback3.jpgAn addition press of the "info" button adds histogram information and camera settings to the display

Olympus SZ-12_playback-photo-surf.jpgPhoto surf mode is a handy way to whiz through a strip of images (shown at the bottom of the screen) using the small thumb wheel. However, you have to select this mode from the playback menu (you can't access it simply by pressing the "info" button again). In addition, the zoom ring is disabled in this mode, so you cannot zoom in to inspect an image nor zoom out to see an index page, as shown below.

Olympus SZ-12_playback-index12.jpg The first index view (accessed by selecting 'zoom out' on the zoom ring) shows 12 images.

Olympus SZ-12_playback-index30.jpg Zooming out again increases the number of photos on the index page to 30.

Olympus SZ-12_playback-no zoom.jpg The zoom ring lets you magnify images considerably in playback mode. Pictured above is a full photo for reference. See below for magnified view.

Olympus SZ-12_playback-zoom.jpg Strong magnification gets you up close to details in a photo, and the resolution of the LCD is good enough to see sharp details and critically inspect the focus. In the upper right you can see a small "magnification key" that shows you what portion of the image is magnified.

Olympus SZ-12_playback-movie.jpg Movie playback offers the same three information display options as still images. During playback you can adjust audio volume using the thumb wheel

Olympus SZ-12_playback-menu.jpg Playback menu functions:
  • Slideshow: Slide (All, Event, Collection), Background Music (Off, Cosmic, Breeze, Mellow, Dreamy), Transition Type (Normal, Fader, Zoom)
  • Photo Surfing
  • Edit: Image resize (VGA 640x480, QVGA 320x240), Crop, Voice Recording, Beauty Fix (All, Clear Skin, Sparkle Eye, Dramatic Eye), Shadow Adjustment
  • Erase
  • Print Order: Quantities of 1 through 10 for individual images, All
  • Protect
  • Rotate

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