Olympus Stylus Digital 750 Review

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Olympus Stylus Digital 750

Features & Controls

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

The Stylus 750 is equipped with an Olympus aspherical glass 5x zoom lens, 6.4 - 32.0mm (36 - 180mm equivalent in 35mm photography), 6 elements in 4 groups with 4 aspherical lenses. It has a 5.6x digital zoom feature (seamless to 28x.) The maximum aperture is F3.3 (W) / F5.0 (T). The lens retracts into the camera when powered down and is protected by an automatic lens barrier.

The TTL contrast-detect auto focus system covers from 27.6" (0.7m) to infinity in normal mode, Macro mode from 7.9" (0.2m) to infinity in Wide angel, 23.6" (0.6m) to infinity in Telephoto, and from 1.2" - 7.9" (3cm-20cm) in Super Macro mode.

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

This model features Dual Image Stabilization (CCD-shift IS and Digital IS.)

CCD-shift uses built-in electro-gyro sensors to record camera movement and adjust the CCD image sensor. This ensures that light remains centered on the image sensor to maintain image clarity despite a slight movement on the part of the photographer.

Digital Image Stabilization Mode boosts ISO sensitivity to as high as 1600, allowing for faster shutter speeds in marginal lighting. Thus images remain sharp, free from the blur caused by camera shake and subject movement.

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

The built in speedlight features Auto, Red-eye reduction, Fill and Forced Off modes. The maximum flash range is 12.5 ft. (3.8m) Wide / 8.9 ft. (2.7m) in Telephoto.

Two types of Red-eye reduction are offered:

  1. Red-eye reduction flash mode ON when taking the picture to reduce the effects of red-eye.
  2. Red-Eye Fix menu function after the photo has been taken so you can easily fix the picture even after it's been shot.

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

On the top you can see the Power button, Shutter Release, and the Image Stabilization button.

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

There is no optical viewfinder, you frame, review and perform menu operations on this large 2.5-inch HyperCrystal LCD monitor with approx. 215,000 pixels of resolution. It delivers a high contrast image with a 160° wide-view radius.

Controls on the back: Top is the zoom lens control which also functions as the magnified playback and index mode buttons when in play mode. The Mode Dial has positions for Playback, Program Auto, Scene, Guide and Movie. The 4-way selector is used to navigate menu screens and select images for playback. In record mode the "Up" button changes exposure compensation, "Left" enables the macro focus modes, "Right" changes the flash mode and "Down" button enables the selftimer. The MENU button calls up and dismisses the menu system. The green DPOF (Direct Print Order Format) button is used in playback mode, the DISPlay button selects the amount of overlay information on the LCD image. The trash can button is used to delete images in playback mode.

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

An optional AC power adapter can be connected to the DC IN port. The A/V Out port sends the audio/video to a television set, the video format is selectable for NTSC or PAL standard. Data I/O is via a Mass Storage compliant USB v2.0 port which is also PictBridge compatible for direct printing.

A black rubber O-ring goes around the I/O port door. The camera is "weatherproof and is not damaged by water spray from any direction" as long as the rubber ring is intact and the I/O port door is properly closed.

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

Still images and movie clips are stored on removable xD-Picture Card flash memory cards. Olympus brand xD-Picture Cards are required to use the camera's built-in Panorama feature. 16MB to 2GB xD-Picture cards are now available.

Olympus Stylus Digital 750

Power is supplied by a LI-42B 3.7v 740mAh Li-ion battery pack. Olympus does not specify the battery runtime. The included AC charger lets you charge one battery while using another. Lithium battery packs can be charged or "topped off" at any time without shortening the service life of the battery.

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