SP-600 UZ

SP-600 UZ

Playback Screens & Menus


Pressing up of the 4-way controller (INFO) allows you to change the amount of information about the image that the camera displays. You have choices between no info, date/time/image number and a full list of REC settings including a histogram.

olympus_sp600uz_play_index_anim.gifPressing the zoom lever to the wide end in playback mode enters the camera into its index mode. Here you can view thumbnails of your images or choose a set of images based on the date in which they were taken.

olympus_sp600uz_play_zoom_anim.gifThe telephoto end of the zoom lever in playback mode allows you to zoom in on an image. Once you have zoomed in, you can use the 4-way controller to navigate your way around the image.

Playback Menu:
  • SlideShow - Plays back a slideshow of the images on the camera either on the LCD screen or an HDTV with an optional HDMI cable.
  • Photo Surfing - Here you have a list of filters to sort your images on the left side and a small thumbnail on the bottom for a new way of quick searching 
  • Event - Allows you to play back your images based of the date it was taken
  • Beauty Fix - Contains several settings for improving Portrait shots
  • Edit - Settings to edit and retouch your still images
  • Erase - Delete images stored on the camera

Playback Menu:
  • Print Order - Print one or all images directly from the camera
  • Protect - Protect images from deletion
  • Rotate - Change the orientation of an image 90° at a time
  • Voice Recording - Allows you to add a voice message to any of the still images

Playback Edit Menu:
  • Resize - Make a smaller copy of an image that is already saved on the camera
  • Crop - Allows you to "crop" or "trim" your image
  • Color Edit - Change the color tone of the image
  • Calendar - Create a calendar with an image
  • Shadow Adj. - Brightens the dark areas in your image
  • Red-Eye Fix - Removes Red-Eye from your subjects

Beauty Fix Menu:
  • All - Applies all of the beauty fix options to your image
  • Clear Skin - Softens and helps remove imperfections from your subjects skin
  • Sparkle Eye - Enhances the contrast in the eye
  • Dramatic Eye - Enlarges the subject's eyes

olympus_sp600uz_play_crop.JPGCropping your images allows you to change the composition of the image or to remove any unwanted objects from the edges of you image.

olympus_sp600uz_play_resize.JPGResize allows you to make smaller copies of an image that you have already captured. This is a great way to resize your images for email or posting to the web before you even get to your home computer.

olympus_sp600uz_play_movie.JPGThe SP-600UZ gives you the option to watch your movies on the camera's LCD screen or on a TV or HDTV using the proper cables. The 4-way controller gives you the ability to play, pause and search through a movie. Turning the dial allows you to control the volume of the camera's internal speaker.

Camera Setup Menu:
  • Internal/SD - Auto, Internal
  • Memory Format - Delete all images from the internal memory
  • Data Repair - Repairs the MetaData of images
  • Copy - Copy images from the internal memory to the SD card
  • Language - Choose the camera's menu language
  • Reset - Returns the shooting settings to the factory defaults
  • USB Connection - Auto, Storage, PC, Print
  • Play Power On - Allows the playback button to turn the camera on
  • Save Settings - Allows the camera to start up in the same shooting mode that was used last
  • PW on Setup - Select the startup image and sound
  • Sound Settings - Set the camera's operation sounds
  • File Name - Reset, Auto
  • Pixel Mapping - Adjusts the CCD and image processor (Run once a year)
  • LCD Brightness - Adjust the brightness of the LCD (5 settings)
  • Date & Time - The date and time are automatically set the first time you connect the camera to your computer
  • World Time - Change the camera's date and time to a travel destination without messing the your home time
  • TV Out - Adjust the Video output, HDMI Output and HDMI control
  • Power Save - Set the time for the camera to enter sleep mode to save the battery
  • Rec View - On or Off
  • Pic Orientation - On or Off

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