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Olympus FE-140 Zoom

Record Mode Screens & Menus

Olympus FE-140

Here you can see Auto mode, selected via the Mode dial. This is a fully automatic mode that allows the camera to choose all settings (shutter speed, aperture, ISO sensitivity, white balance, etc.), while the user benefits from point-n-shoot simplicity. The brackets in the center indicate the focus area, the image size/quality is SHQ 28162x2112 (6 megapixels), and the remaining capacity of the xD memory card is 150 images at the current size/quality setting. The blue bar in the lower right is a memory gauge, indicating how full the xD card is. Depressing the Disp(lay) button eliminates all of the overlay information, leaving only the focus area brackets.

Olympus FE-140

When you half-press the shutter the focus is locked, a green icon is displayed to indicate focus was achieved. The red "lightning bolt" indicates the flash is charged and will fire.

Olympus FE-140

In addition to Auto, the FE-140 has six still shooting modes selectable from the Mode dial: Portrait, Landscape, Landscape + Portrait, Night Scene, Sport and D Image Stabilization. As the Mode dial is rotated, a thumbnail of a typical shot is displayed on the LCD.

Olympus FE-140

Depressing the MENU button in Auto or any of the Mode dial-selectable scene modes calls up this menu. RESET restores the camera to its default settings and SETUP invokes the setup menu. IMAGE QUALITY sets the image size and level of compression, while CAMERA MENU controls the digital zoom feature and puts the camera in PANORAMA mode.

Olympus FE-140

Rotating the mode dial to the "Scene" position gives you access to 15 creative scene modes via the SCN menu: Night+Portrait, Indoor, Candle, Self Portrait, Available Light, Sunset, Fireworks, Museum, Behind Glass, Cuisine, Documents, Auction, Beach, Snow. As each scene mode is selected, a thumbnail example is displayed on the LCD.

Olympus FE-140

After the Scene thumbnail remains on the LCD for a few seconds, a text description of that mode appears and the thumbnail shrinks. The same display can be called up immediately by depressing the "?" (Help) button.

Olympus FE-140

The 4-way controller is used for changing the camera's Self-timer (off or 12 seconds), EV Compensation (+/- 2EV in 1/3 EV steps), flash (off, fill, red eye and Auto) and macro focus settings; these function menus are displayed the color LCD after each button is depressed.

Olympus FE-140

The Help Guide (?) button can also provide an explaination of the FE-140's 4-way controller settings; simply depress ? when the setting is displayed on the LCD and help text will appear. Can't read English? No problem; the FE-140's Help Guide can be displayed in French, Spanish or Portuguese via the Setup menu.

Olympus FE-140

If you need help with camera settings for an unusual subject or condition, simply turn the Mode Dial to Guide. The EF-140's Shooting Guide presents a menu of 11 shooting conditions/subjects, and recommends appropriate camera settings.

Olympus FE-140

In this example, I chose Brightening Subject. Depress the right button on the 4-way controller to find the recommended settings, in this case, "Increase the value of +/-". Depress the right button again and the FE-140 changes that setting. Notice the "+1.0" indicating that exposure compensation has been set to +1EV.

Olympus FE-140 Olympus FE-140

The Macro (close-up) focus mode lets you shoot from 7.9" - 23.6" (0.2m - 0.6m) or you can get as close as 0.8" (20mm) when using Super Macro mode.

Olympus FE-140

The Movie record mode screen. The total amount of recording time available is shown by the green "37:16" in the lower right hand corner. We have enough space on the xD card we used for our tests to record for 37 min. and 16 seconds. You can record movies at resolutions of 320x240 or 160x120. The length of recording is limited only by the amount of space available on the xD card. The FE-140 allows the use of the optical zoom during recording because sound is not recorded.

Olympus FE-140

The Image Quality menu in Movie mode. Movies are recorded at 15 frames per second in both 320x240 and 160x120 resolutions.

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